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What is Red Hat Innovate?

Your startup is running open source software to cut costs. But maintaining it is diverting resources from your most critical task: creating competitive advantage. Get back to building your business. Join Red Hat® Innovate.

Red Hat Innovate is a startup accelerator program that lets early-stage independent software vendors (ISVs) take advantage of the benefits of open source software—without having to support it.


  • Support for open source software
  • No software or program lock-in
  • More involvement in open source communities
  • Use of enterprise software and tools

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  • Access to a network of experts
  • No-cost subscriptions to enable greater innovation*
  • Joint marketing opportunities

Member testimonials

Treasure Data provides a full-stack data pipeline management from data collection, storage, processing, and BI connectivity on the cloud. Having open source as our core DNA, we see our alliance with Red Hat as one of the most important partnerships in our business development. Red Hat Innovate really helps to accelerate in on each business and technology front. The team is really awesome.
Hiro Yoshikawa
CEO and founder
Treasure Data
Independent software vendor - big data

BlueData is revolutionizing how enterprises will deploy big data applications. Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Data Services are key infrastructure components in the BlueData Enterprise solutions. Red Hat Innovate program helps startups like BlueData to create and maintain the competitive advantage which is very crucial for growth and success.
Kumar Sreekanti
CEO and founder

* Subscriptions are not-for-resale (NFR) subscriptions made available through the Ready Partner program. See the ISV partner page for more information.