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Red Hat Innovate Members and Affiliates

Learn about each group of startups (by cohort) and our program affiliates.

Membership is grouped into cohorts that focus on a specific part of the software ecosystem. Affiliates are technology leaders that work closely with the Red Hat® Innovate team and its cohorts. Each cohort has particular requirements, benefits, and criteria.


Focused on Israel-based software startups in partnership with Matrix.


A self-service performance and load-testing cloud that's 100% JMeter-compatible.

BlazeMeter Logo


A cloud security firewall management service that lets you centrally manage your cloud server firewalls and security group policies.

Dome9 Logo


IT operations analytics that provide intelligent answers to key IT operations challenges.

Evolven Logo


Data privacy and data security in public and private clouds.

Porticor Logo


The development and test lab of your dreams. Overcome your internal resource constraints and use the public cloud to develop and test your applications.

Ravello Logo


The leader in elastic converged storage. ECS, the flagship ScaleIO solution, helps datacenters cut storage costs.

Scaleio Logo


Parallel NFS solutions that let you independently scale performance or capacity as needed.

Scaleio Logo

WhiteSource Software

Open source license management solution. Easily and affordably keep track of open source software components, their licenses, risks, and requirements.

WhiteSource Software Logo


A platform that continuously improves the quality of patient care, helps curtail medical costs, and simplifies healthcare administration.

Zoeticx Logo

Big Data Cohort

Our new international cohort focused on the big data market segment.

Blue Data Inc

A platform to simplify and control your big data deployments

Bluedatainc Logo


Security solutions that help enterprises protect sensitive information and maintain performance in big data and cloud environments.

Gazzang Logo


The leading developer of search, discovery, and analytics software based on Apache Lucene and Apache Solr technology.

LucidWorks Logo


Software-defined storage for object storage, powered by OpenStack™ Swift Simple. No more sharding.

SwiftStack Logo

Treasure Data

A cloud-based analytic platform that finally lets nonspecialists get value out of their data without a big IT overhead.

TreasureData Logo

Software Development Toolchain Cohort

Our new international cohort focused on the software development tool market segment.

Massively scalable cloud application services. Logo

Keen IO

A set of powerful APIs that let you collect, analyze, and visualize events from anything connected to the Internet.

Porticor Logo


A cloud continuous delivery service that helps developers test and deploy code often.

Werker Logo

Red Hat Innovate Affiliates and Alumni

Graduates and affiliates of Red Hat Innovate.


Develops MongoDB, supports its community, and provides subscriptions, consulting, and training for the open source NoSQL database.

10Gen Logo


Offers IT operations analytics that provide intelligent answers to key IT operations challenges.

Evolven Logo


Co-sponsored and managed the Israel Cohort of Red Hat Innovate.

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Upcoming cohorts

Please review the eligibility page for information on upcoming cohorts.