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Acuity Systems helps government use data to better serve U.S. citizens

Acuity Systems

Fast facts

Industry: Technology
Region: North America
Headquarters: Herndon, VA
Company size: 28 employees

Open source provides an affordable solution that is more scalable and easier to integrate with other solutions and technologies.



The federal government is embracing open source technology for the same reason as businesses everywhere: it delivers cost savings and continuous innovation. This is good for the government and, in the end, good for citizens. Recently, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) turned to Acuity Systems and Red Hat to implement an open source platform that pulls together the massive amount of data it collects. Having all the data in one place means easier analysis—and, ultimately, better decisions.

Acuity Systems is a Red Hat 2016 Innovation Awards Winner

Acuity Systems innovates with Red Hat

For Acuity Systems, innovation is more than just change—it's the addition of new ideas, new methods, and new technologies that take its customers to the next level.

The path to success

Challenge: Bring data together to improve efficiency

U.S. citizens expect the government to run efficiently and to deliver services that will make their lives better. The GSA, which supports the basic functioning of federal agencies, is one of the keys to making this happen. But the massive amount of data the GSA collects was segregated in distinct places, which meant it couldn't be shared across the federal government. This resulted in inaccurate analytics, inefficiencies, and potentially poor decisions—ultimately impacting the services delivered to citizens.

Solution: Build a platform to pull data together

To make the best use of its data, the GSA called on Acuity Systems, a technology solutions provider and Red Hat® partner. Acuity used Red Hat's open source solutions to build the GSA’s new Data to Decisions (D2D) platform. The platform collects data from more than 100 data sources and 190 data sets, and meets the federal government's mandate to use open source technologies and solutions whenever possible. “Open source provides an affordable solution that is more scalable and easier to integrate with other solutions and technologies,” said Paul Shulman, president of Acuity.

Software & services

Results: Provide better government for everyone

The D2D platform is delivering better ways for the GSA to use its data. Information is no longer separated but is available for analysis by many government departments. The platform is easy for users without much technical knowledge, and it scales readily and lowers the cost of ownership. Citizens benefit when their government is more efficient and better positioned to make the right decisions based on accurate analytics.

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