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Success story

Ampersand delivers robust loyalty programs

An architecture based on Red Hat® solutions provided the company the architectural flexibility and prompt response customers needed—with lower costs than their previous IT infrastructure.

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Mexico City, Mexico

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Speed response times and improve customer service in Ampersand's consulting and design services for hotel loyalty programs.



  • Existing Ampersand architecture

Enterprise open source solutions from Red Hat help us respond to our customers in a swift manner at a low operating cost. We managed to establish effective communication between the portal and our core application—through the use of the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform.

Victor Vargas, CIO, Ampersand

Company wants faster response system to win customers

Ampersand was built on experience, implementing loyalty strategies for customers through the Fiesta Rewards program for frequent guests at hotels in the Posadas group. The group included Live Aqua, Fiesta Americana Grand, Fiesta Americana, Fiesta Inn, Hoteles One and EL Explorean Kohunlich in Mexico, as well as the Caesar Park and Caesar Business in South America.

The Mexico City-based company supports its customers by providing consulting and design services for supreme loyalty programs. The design, implementation, and innovation of these loyalty solutions are possible through best practices and state-of-the-art technology.

Ampersand wants speed, security

When Ampersand started rapidly expanding, the company wanted to integrate a technology solution that would help meet its customers' demands. The main criteria for the solution included flexibility, scalability, and fast response times. Ampersand needed a solution that would become a true investment rather than a cost. Open source technology was the first choice when Ampersand evaluated solutions in the marketplace. The company recognized open source's cutting-edge, robust, flexible, and secure software.

"The main challenge was to find a solution to accommodate the needs of our customers in terms of security and performance, while providing an unparalleled return on investment. Couple these requirements with our need for world-class, enterprise support, and Red Hat led the pack," said Victor Vargas, Chief information officer (CIO) for Ampersand.

Customers come first

Under the premise that the customer comes first, Ampersand started looking for the perfect combination of components to run the business successfully while managing its customer loyalty programs. The company quickly learned that maximizing technology would help achieve this goal in a profitable way.

Company simplifies management of IT operations

Ampersand analyzed the advantages of Red Hat® solutions and found huge benefits in deploying its customer portal on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux® operating platform.

Administered through Oracle's Siebel Loyalty Management, these two applications interface through Red Hat JBoss® Enterprise SOA Platform (now known as Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works) and are managed by Red Hat JBoss Operations Network. Together, they allow Ampersand to create a stable architecture with superior performance. Most importantly, this enables replication and is suitable for the specific solutions of Ampersand's customers.

"Working with Red Hat has brought us multiple benefits, such as the flexibility to replicate our solution in different environments accommodating the needs of each customer," said Vargas.

Ampersand can move swiftly with Red Hat

"Enterprise open source solutions from Red Hat help us respond to our customers in a swift manner at a low operating cost. We managed to establish effective communication between the portal and our core application—through the use of JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform."

Every solution offered by Ampersand to its customers runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, offering stability, scalability, and security. With all the advantages of a high-availability solution, Red Hat Enterprise Linux minimizes any impact in the case of technical failure.

"In addition to the benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform offered an easy, standard way to streamline our application infrastructure. This allows excellent performance, simplifying our management and monitoring tasks in full compliance with our IT cost optimization strategy," said Vargas.

Team receives support training

Additionally, Ampersand and its team made use of Red Hat Training, the professional training services from Red Hat, that allows daily operation support and help with requests made by large customers on-the-fly.

"Red Hat has become a strategic technological partner for Ampersand. Thanks to its large product portfolio, we have managed to integrate a comprehensive solution, from the enterprise operating system to the application server, from integration solutions to enterprise portals," said Vargas.

Ampersand lowers cost, raises service level to customers

"We have managed to reduce our operating and capital expenses and implementation times while maintaining an operation that allows us to ensure the highest service levels to our customers," said Vargas.

By successfully using the Red Hat technology stack, Ampersand has created an architecture capable of being replicated in zero time, and above all, is able to provide leading loyalty solutions for prompt response to customer service requests.

Operating costs drop by one third

Currently, Ampersand’s operating system availability has reached 99.9%. IT operating costs have been reduced by 33%. That makes room to redirect efforts to business-value tasks rather than to day-to-day support operations. In addition, the use of Ampersand’s infrastructure has improved by 30%.

Ampersand expands business with Red Hat support

"Having Red Hat technological components and teams of Red Hat experts supporting us—both locally and globally—has been crucial in the unrelenting expansion of our business and loyalty solutions," said Vargas.

"Because of our outstanding experience with Red Hat, we will continue working together to strengthen our technology strategy even more and take better advantage of the capabilities offered by Red Hat solutions."

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