Success story

Avianca improves passengers' flying experience

Fast facts

Industry: Transportation
Region: Latin America
Headquarters: Bogota, Colombia
Company size: 19,000 employees

What drives us most is knowing that the customer is expecting service beyond that of just any airline.



Avianca struggled to consistently deliver high-quality services to its passengers as it grew its portfolio of companies and acquired new airlines—and their legacy technology systems. With Red Hat® JBoss® Middleware, the airline integrated applications for the entire organization and saw immediate improvements in the customer experience.

Avianca streamlines application integration

Avianca chose Red Hat JBoss Middleware to support its business applications. With this solution, the airline now delivers a consistent experience to its customers at all points of contact.

The path to success

Challenge: Provide superior service to passengers

The airline industry is competitive, and customer expectations are high. Passengers are quick to complain or switch to the competition if they don't receive the latest services, such as fast Wi-Fi and mobile boarding passes. As a leader in the industry, Avianca wants to deliver services beyond that of any other airline. But working with more than 1,000 legacy applications made providing a superior customer experience difficult. To provide better, more consistent services, “all apps across all airlines need to work in a standardized manner,” said Juliana Ceballos, architecture and development director for Avianca. “What drives us most is knowing that the customer is expecting service beyond that of just any airline.”

Solution: Integrate airlines and services for seamless operations

With help from Red Hat, Avianca deployed a faster, more robust infrastructure to support all of their business apps, ensuring a consistent customer experience. “When these products all work together … it allows us to have fewer servers and a more standardized technological environment,” said Ceballos. “In short, it allows us to spend less and save more.”

Results: Satisfy fliers and increase ROI by 100%

Now when passengers fly on any of Avianca's airlines, they have access to the latest services and a consistent reservation and payment experience—no matter which airline they choose. “This [solution] enables us to provide uniform business services to our clients,” said Ceballos. By efficiently rolling out innovative services across all its airlines using the Red Hat solution, Avianca reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) by 50% and increased its return on investment (ROI) by 100%.

Take any new technology, and the Red Hat product is able to work with it. From now on, we can place any technology on top of or beneath this product without restrictions.