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Banco Azteca cuts infrastructure costs by 40%

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Banco Azteca is one of the largest banks in Mexico. To prepare its IT environment for future growth, the company worked with Red Hat® Consulting and Red Hat Training to switch from a proprietary UNIX infrastructure to a fully standardized environment running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux®. The results have been impressive, including a 40% reduction in support and maintenance costs, a 99% drop in application errors, a 50% improvement in application response times, and a 40% reduction in infrastructure costs.

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Mexico City, Mexico

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Standardize legacy architecture to enhance security, reduce application errors, and support long-term growth.


  • 500 servers on a 40-core Intel processor

Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides a robust, efficient, and safe solution at a low cost. When combined with other Red Hat offerings, it has helped us provide better services to our customers.

Efraín Carballo, Director of Technology Services, Banco Azteca

Solid IT infrastructure foundation for future growth

Banco Azteca operates in 6 countries throughout Latin America and Brazil. With more than 6.8 million savings accounts and 9 million credit accounts, the company is among the largest banks in Mexico and continues to grow at a rapid pace.

This kind of growth can be a major IT challenge. In 2009, the Banco Azteca team began looking for a standardized platform that could efficiently support a growing number of transactions on a massive scale. They were particularly concerned about a noticeable rise in application errors which left some customers unable to make deposits or validate their identities. After a thorough review of the options available on the market, the IT team easily determined that the best course of action would be to migrate from a proprietary infrastructure to a more economical open source platform.

More secure and scalable platform with higher performance

Banco Azteca migrated from a mix of UNIX operating systems to a fully standardized environment, with 500 HP and Intel servers running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Additionally, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform helps ensure that Banco Azteca's applications are always running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Red Hat's technologies serve as a cost-effective foundation for future growth, giving Banco Azteca the flexibility and scalability to respond to customers' changing needs—and the performance to meet and exceed today's user experience expectations. “Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides a robust, efficient, and safe solution at a low cost. When combined with other Red Hat offerings, it has helped us provide better services to our customers,” says Efraín Carballo, director of technology services at Banco Azteca.

Banco Azteca implemented its new environment with crucial guidance from Red Hat Consulting, helping ensure that the new infrastructure would be based on the best possible design for optimal performance. Red Hat Training also played a critical role in the deployment, giving Banco Azteca's staff members the tools, knowledge, and even the certifications necessary to make the most of their new environment.

In 2014, Jorge Juárez Acevedo, the IT Manager at Banco Azteca, was recognized as the Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year. His skills as a Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA), and Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist (RHCDS) provided practical expertise to help the company's IT team migrate to the new infrastructure and to continue to maintain services 24 hours a day.

Measurable improvements across the board

For Banco Azteca, the results have been impressive. Support and maintenance costs have been reduced by as much as 40%. Critical applications are running faster than ever, with the system registering only 10 slow transactions per day. That's a major drop from the former daily average of 1,000—a 99% improvement. The migration also enabled the company to clean up the unusable components in its legacy applications, improving response times by up to 50%. By relying on cost-effective Intel processors, the bank has also reduced its infrastructure costs by an impressive 40%.

Perhaps most importantly, the customer experience has been enhanced considerably. The average response time for credit transactions is now less than one second. Additionally, the secure web platform from Red Hat enables the bank to deliver credit history reports more safely and confidentially than ever.

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