Success story

Banco Galicia unifies digital banking, improves customer experience

Fast facts

Industry: Financial services
Region: LATAM
Headquarters: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Company size: 3 million customers, 300+ branches

We chose Red Hat to take advantage of the best innovation and creativity through supported, stable technology.



Banco Galicia, a leading bank in Argentina, wanted to streamline its digital services by migrating its channels and back-end systems to a unified, cloud-native, omnichannel platform. To support this Digital Experience Platform Initiative, Galicia standardized its retail platform with Red Hat® container and integration technologies. With this new foundation, Galicia has cut new service launch times from months to days, improved its customer experience, and achieved security and cost improvements.

2019 Red Hat Innovation Awards honorable mention

The path to success

Challenge: Unify digital banking

Banco Galicia has an established internet and mobile banking business. But even with a strong market presence, it wanted to further streamline its digital business. “We need to be more digital, and we need to move fast,” said Sebastian Carvallo, enterprise architecture manager at Banco Galicia. To support this vision, Galicia began its Digital Experience Platform Initiative to modernize its digital banking channel back-end systems to a single, cloud-native, omnichannel platform. This platform would provide a single view of the customer, improve time to market for new products, and increase IT efficiency by supporting the testing, modifying, deployment, and management of new digital-native services.

Case study

Argentinian bank delivers services fast with unified digital platform

Solution: Build a cloud-native platform

Banco Galicia sought a platform solution that would support collaborative agile development, provide cross-environment workloads, and offer more secure integration with its existing banking systems. Galicia considered several container options, but only Red Hat allowed the freedom to move different workloads to different clouds. Working closely with Red Hat Consulting, Banco Galicia used Red Hat technologies as the foundation for its Digital Experience Platform Initiative. “We chose Red Hat to take advantage of the best innovation and creativity through supported, stable technology,” said Carvallo.

Results: Simplify digital services

With its new digital experience platform, Banco Galicia gained greater agility, now completing application releases on demand and within 1 business day—rather than once every 2 months. The platform has also improved Galicia’s customer experience, reducing application downtime by 40%. Galicia has seen a remarkable rise in the number of customer digital transactions. “Development of new products is significantly faster,” said Carvallo. “As a result, we can continue to innovate and meet new service demands.” In addition, simplified management has strengthened security and industry regulation compliance. By consolidating the development of new, customer-facing features from multiple platforms to a single back-end platform, Banco Galicia estimates a savings of 24% in development costs and 25% in maintenance costs. Automating manual tasks has also helped Galicia reduce its staffing costs.

We’ve created a team of highly motivated people to challenge traditional banking assumptions. We’re creating the capability to sell products in a way that is 100% digital.