Success story

Cox Automotive improves experience for car buyers and sellers

Cox Automotive

Fast facts

Industry: Automotive
Region: North America
Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
Company size: 30,000 employees

We saved almost 10 years of time and almost $5 million in soft savings.



Cox Automotive operates more than 25 companies, including Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book. To keep up with the high expectations of car buyers and sellers, Cox needed a system that would help it continuously develop new products and deliver them faster. With Red Hat® CloudForms, Cox delivers self-service capabilities to employees and cuts IT provisioning times from weeks to minutes.

Cox Automotive drives on-time delivery of IT resources

Cox Automotive needed to quickly provision IT resources to internal customers across its 25-plus companies to retain its competitive edge. Cox chose Red Hat CloudForms to manage its infrastructure in the cloud and deliver self-service access.

The path to success

Challenge: Release new products faster

The auto industry's online marketplace is dynamic—and demanding. Sellers and buyers expect a constant stream of innovative products and services. As an industry leader, Cox Automotive must ensure its entire purchase process works seamlessly. “As customers want things faster, we have to ensure that we’re operating faster, but also that the quality of service is much greater,” said Gus Bengochea, senior director of enterprise services at Cox.

Case study

Cox Automotive drives on-time delivery of IT resources with Red Hat

Solution: Provision faster with a cloud infrastructure management platform

To meet customer needs, Cox adopted a management platform for cloud infrastructure that lets employees use a self-service, easy-access portal. “Teams that are building our sites can rapidly deploy new features and make sure the quality of those features is extremely high,” said Bengochea.

Additionally, Cox combined data sources to better understand their customers. This big data initiative helps Cox see what its customers are searching for online and then provide the information that’s most relevant.

Results: Faster development delivers savings and customer satisfaction

Product developers used to wait 2 or 3 weeks to get the IT resources they needed. Now they get them in 15 to 20 minutes. “We analyzed the numbers … and we realized we saved almost 10 years of time and almost $5 million in soft savings,” said Jason Cornell, manager of cloud and infrastructure automation at Cox. By improving efficiency, Cox can deliver new tools more quickly to buyers and sellers, ultimately creating a simpler, easier, and more enjoyable customer experience.

As the market continues to change and new technologies are released, we’ll continue to change as well, and Red Hat will be an important partner with us on that journey.