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Genfare gives transit agencies and riders innovative payment technology


Fast facts

Industry: Transportation
Region: North America
Headquarters: Elk Grove Village, IL
Company size: 146 employees

Innovation is when you take an idea, you cultivate it, and you make the world a better place. Genfare was able to take an idea and create a world that is better for riders across the U.S. and Canada. So it’s pretty exciting.



Transportation solutions provider Genfare introduced the first mechanical farebox back in 1880. For many years, transit agencies were happy with that basic payment solution. But transit has accelerated rapidly in the past decade. Riders now want multiple payment options—from coins to cards to smartphones—and transit agencies must deliver to keep and grow their customer base. To help these agencies, Genfare completely transformed itself from a hardware company to a software company using Red Hat® solutions and Red Hat Consulting.

Genfare is a Red Hat 2016 Innovation Awards Winner

Genfare innovates with Red Hat

As the transit fare-­collection industry has moved rapidly to digitization, Genfare realized it needed to transition from a hardware company to a software company.

The path to success

Challenge: Meet the needs of modern transit riders

For decades, people paid for transit fares the same way by dropping coins and cash into a mechanical farebox found on public transportation systems. But now, like consumers everywhere, riders are going digital. They want more payment options, such as smart tickets and mobile payments. To accommodate them, transit agencies need to modernize. “The biggest thing that’s happened in the last 10 years is the move to digitization,” said Darren Dickson, president of Genfare. “If public transportation doesn’t keep pace with digitization, the amount of congestion in cities will be overwhelming.”

Solution: Transfer fare collection to the cloud

Genfare partnered with Red Hat to develop Genfare Link, a cloud-­based platform for fare management that supports a variety of payment methods. Genfare deployed Internet of Things (IoT) technology to deliver seamless communication among transit agency systems, from fare collection devices at the front of the bus to back-­end systems. This makes life easier for transit agencies—and for riders. “We had to go from being a provider of equipment that collects coins and cash to a full-service provider that can take any type of payment, be it a mobile payment, a smartcard, or whatever else the future brings,” said Dickson.

Results: Provide better service to agencies and riders

Genfare Link's cloud­based IoT solution helps transit agencies provide better service while reducing IT support, on-­premise hosting, and operational costs. It also helps riders by supporting multiple payment options. “Innovation is when you take an idea, you cultivate it, and you make the world a better place,” Dickson said. “Genfare was able to take an idea and create a world that is better for riders across the U.S. and Canada. So it’s pretty exciting.”

With our Red Hat platform, we have the reliability and high availability we need to handle our increasing volume of transactions. We also have the ability to scale our solution out to many different customers. It’s a comprehensive end­-to­-end solution.

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