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Success story supports culture of innovation with agile, scalable solution

Fast facts

Industry: Retail
Region: EMEA
Headquarters: Ecublens, Switzerland
Company size: Over 300 employees

We can deploy new applications quickly, but the real beauty is the flexibility: some existing applications grow, others shrink. We can make those changes automatically with one click, in a minute instead of a day.

Ivan Torreblanca, CIO,

Overview, Switzerland’s leading online supermarket and one of Europe’s largest online retailers, attributes its success to its focus on customer experience and a culture of innovation. When its legacy IT environment became too complex and inflexible, the company used Red Hat® solutions to build an agile, scalable solution to support innovation. can now deploy new services in days, rather than weeks, to better meet the needs of its customers.

The path to success

Challenge: Improve the customer experience with faster innovation’s IT team seeks creative ways to improve the customer experience using technology—such as adding new online shops and providing near real-time stock information. “Wherever the customer is, we want to be,” said Ivan Torreblanca, CIO of However, the company’s legacy IT environment was too complex and inflexible, delaying innovation. “The technology we had in place was aging and becoming unmanageable. We wanted a more modular, agile architecture that would be less dependent on specific technology.”

Case study offers innovative services faster with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Solution: Move to the cloud for flexibility, scalability

To gain the agility and flexibility needed for its business,’s IT department chose a cloud-based application platform and a DevOps approach, helping the company build and run applications quickly and easily. “To deploy a new application under the previous setup … took 4 days,” said Raphael Anthamatten, head of Infrastructure and Operations at “With Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, everything is done within 1 hour.”

Results: Accelerate app development and delivery’s new platform helps its IT team meet growing demand for new application services, allowing developers to focus on innovation instead of routine maintenance. “Clearly, we can deploy new applications quickly,” said Torreblanca. “But the real beauty is the flexibility: some applications grow, others shrink. We can make those changes automatically with one click, in a minute instead of a day.”

Our culture of innovation implies taking risks. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform was pretty new when we chose it. Some might have seen this as risky, but we don’t fear that kind of risk. The bigger fear would be things becoming static.

Ivan Torreblanca, CIO,