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Produban successfully standardizes 9,000 servers

Clients of technology company Produban expect high levels of availability around the clock. That's why the company decided to standardize its IT infrastructure for maximum efficiency, which meant migrating thousands of servers to Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®. With consulting, training, and support from Red Hat, Produban migrated more than 9,000 servers in a single year. This gave the company more flexibility and freedom to adapt to changing business conditions and paved the way to migrate 70% of their global IT platform to Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the future.

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Madrid, Spain

Financial Services Industry


Standardize legacy architecture across thousands of servers to increase efficiency and reduce operational risk.


  • Standard x86 server-based environments

Red Hat provides us with an operating system that meets all our needs as far as growth, scalability, security, and support are concerned.

Daniel Concepción, Managing Director of I.T., Produban

Standardized IT architecture

As the IT services arm of the Santander Group, a major financial services organization based in Spain, Produban's mission is to guarantee its clients the highest levels of availability and service around the clock. The company implemented a series of reference designs based on standardization, automation, and partitioning to increase efficiency and reduce operational risk.

Central to this undertaking was the decision to migrate Produban's datacenter from a UNIX and Microsoft Windows environment to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Cost-effective, easy-to-manage solution

Produban chose to migrate to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for a number of reasons. This solution provides a stable platform that can handle large workloads in high-demand environments. Additionally, Red Hat's technology, based on open source, is much more cost-effective than proprietary alternatives. Produban also needed a platform that could scale horizontally. “Red Hat provides us with an operating system that meets all our needs as far as growth, scalability, security, and support are concerned,” said Daniel Concepción, managing director of IT at Produban.

Red Hat Satellite was also added to manage Produban's infrastructure—making the platform even easier to deploy and scale. Updates, upgrades, patches, security alerts, monitoring, and provisioning can all be executed through a single console with Red Hat Satellite. “Being able to rely on Red Hat solutions guarantees certification for use with the third-party products we might need, which is something we don't get with other solutions,” said Concepción.

Superior consulting and support services

Although Produban has considerable in-house knowledge, training and consulting services from Red Hat played an important role in helping the company's technical staff become comfortable with the system. Produban's staff could execute much of the design and deployment, but they were also able to get help from Red Hat on demand.

Competitive advantage

Over the course of a year, Produban deployed Red Hat Enterprise Linux onto more than 9,000 servers across Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. Going forward, the company plans to migrate approximately 70% of its global IT platform to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This new infrastructure will eventually take on workloads from a wide range of applications, including solutions from Murex, Calypso, SWIFT, SAP, IBM, and Oracle.

The move from UNIX and Microsoft was more successful than Produban's leadership team expected. The company reports noticeable performance improvements, along with substantial cost savings and improved efficiencies.

Perhaps most importantly, open source technology enables Produban to adapt more easily to changing business conditions. “Open source allows for more customization, and that is the key to being able to stand out from your competitors,” said Concepción. “Proprietary products don't give you that advantage.”

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