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Swisscom modernizes IT, gives Swiss citizens a piece of the cloud

Swisscom, a leading Swiss telecom and IT services provider, wanted to simplify its IT infrastructure to increase scalability, flexibility, and agility. With help from Red Hat® Consulting, Swisscom used Red Hat OpenStack® Platform and Red Hat Virtualization to build a cloud platform to better serve current—and future—customers.

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FICO gets platform for innovative cloud solution

ING-DiBa reduces cost and administrative effort

Union Bank saves time to deliver services faster

Department of Defense saves millions, builds agile, private cloud

Atos helps UK government improve communications and services

Acuity Systems helps government use data to better serve U.S. citizens

Sprint saves millions to fund IT innovation

Korean Broadcasting Station (KBS) reaches global audience faster

Swisscom modernizes IT, gives Swiss citizens a piece of the cloud

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center enhances agility and security

Bayer Business Services lowers cost, achieves performance

Cerner boosts performance and stability

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Leading Indian financial services firm CIBIL cuts costs and increases agility

To support growth and improve business flexibility, CIBIL needed to build a high-performance virtualization platform.

ABC Cooking Studio builds IT infrastructure to feed growing appetite for culinary classes

ABC Cooking Studio wanted to expand its customer base and replace its legacy IT infrastructure with flexible technology that could scale quickly to meet demand.

Quru consolidates IT infrastructure, reduces costs, and maximizes flexibility and scalability

Quru wanted to help its customers develop integrated open source solutions using Red Hat products as the foundation technology.

The Department of Defense saves millions, builds an agile, private cloud

The Department of Defense (DoD), a governing body of all divisions of the United States military, needed a new technology solution for one of its divisions. The organization worked with technology consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton to find an appropriate solution.

HPE uses open source technology as a stable foundation for critical applications and solutions

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) needed to provide its clients with a stable foundation for critical applications and solutions based on open, standard technology.

YTL Communications builds nation-wide, virtual learning environment

Telecommunication service provider YTL Communications needed to build a cloud-based, virtual learning environment for 10,000 schools across Malaysia within 12 months.

Mexican government aid program provides better service and reduces expenses by 40%

Oportunidades, a Mexican social assistance program serving 37 million citizens each year, needed a high-availability solution with agile data processing to meet the demands of its growing user base.

Harvard’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center virtualizes, gains agility and security

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center wanted an easy-to-use virtualization management tool to simplify and streamline management of its clinical systems.

Horizon Power expands access to electricity network

Horizon Power needed a virtualization platform to extend IT management of its electricity network to an expanding remote workforce.