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Atos helps U.K. government communicate better and improve services for citizens

Atos, a digital services company, used Red Hat software and services to help the United Kingdom’s government agencies communicate more effectively. Atos used Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse, Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, and Red Hat Satellite to build a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that allows government agencies to share information quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. With its new solution, the U.K. government can better understand its citizens and offer more targeted services.

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FICO gets platform for innovative cloud solution

ING-DiBa reduces cost and administrative effort

E*Trade boosts reliability and performance

Department of Defense saves millions, builds agile, private cloud

Atos helps UK government improve communications and services

Acuity Systems helps government use data to better serve U.S. citizens

Sprint saves millions to fund IT innovation

MyRepublic adopts unified cloud platform, gains speed and savings

UNE EPM Telecommunications cuts costs in half

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center enhances agility and security

Bayer Business Services lowers cost, achieves performance

CLIMB project helps UK researchers store and share medical data

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Swisscom modernizes IT, gives Swiss citizens a piece of the cloud

Swisscom wanted to transition to an open source cloud environment to increase scalability, flexibility, and agility—and better serve current and future customers.

Genfare gives transit agencies and riders innovative payment technology

Transit riders want multiple payment options—from coins to cards to smartphones—and Genfare needed to modernize to keep and grow its business.

Acuity Systems helps government use data to better serve U.S. citizens

The U.S. federal government turned to Acuity Systems to pull together segregated data for easier analysis—and, ultimately, better decisions.

Amadeus uses a new agile platform to improve the travel experience

Amadeus needed to support its customers in the global travel industry with a better technology platform to mitigate risk and improve service for travelers.

BSE builds the world's fastest trading system

The Indian stock exchange BSE needed to modernize its old, limited trading infrastructure to improve its speed and service.

Atos helps UK government communicate better and improve services for citizens

The U.K. government called on Atos to give its government agencies an easier, more secure way to share information and serve citizens.

Paddy Power Betfair delivers online bets fast and reliably

Handling around 130 million transactions each day, Paddy Power Betfair knew it needed to upgrade its infrastructure to do more, faster, or risk losing customers.

KBS reaches global audience faster using a private cloud

Korean Broadcasting Station (KBS) needed to cut subtitling time for global broadcasts to reach its multilingual audience faster.

GCA Technology Services grows IT training business

A provider of technical education across the U.S., GCA Technology Services wanted to grow its business with more Red Hat training and certification offerings.