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Atos helps U.K. government communicate better and improve services for citizens

Atos, a digital services company, used Red Hat software and services to help the United Kingdom’s government agencies communicate more effectively. Atos used Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse, Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, and Red Hat Satellite to build a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that allows government agencies to share information quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. With its new solution, the U.K. government can better understand its citizens and offer more targeted services.

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FICO gets platform for innovative cloud solution


ING-DiBa reduces cost and administrative effort


E*Trade boosts reliability and performance

Booz Allen Hamilton
Booz | Allen | Hamilton

Department of Defense saves millions, builds agile, private cloud


Atos helps UK government improve communications and services


Acuity Systems helps government use data to better serve U.S. citizens


Sprint saves millions to fund IT innovation


MyRepublic adopts unified cloud platform, gains speed and savings


UNE EPM Telecommunications cuts costs in half

Beth Israel Hospital
Beth Israel Hospital

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center enhances agility and security

Bayer Business Services
Bayer Business Services

Bayer Business Services lowers cost, achieves performance


CLIMB project helps UK researchers store and share medical data

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GCA Technology Services grows IT training business

A provider of technical education across the U.S., GCA Technology Services wanted to grow its business with more Red Hat training and certification offerings.

UNE EPM Telecommunications cuts costs in half with an open source solution

UNE EPM Telecommunications needed to modernize its legacy directory server to reduce costs and support growing bandwidth needs.

Novamedia reduces website deployment time from days to minutes

A marketing agency that launches fund-raising lottery websites for charity, Novamedia had to reduce site deployment times and update stale information to keep customers and raise money.

Produban standardizes its IT infrastructure, migrates 9,000 servers to open source solution

Produban needed to standardize its legacy architecture to increase efficiency and reduce operational risk.

21CN builds reliable and stable virtualization platform

This Chinese telecommunications company needed to maximize existing IT resources by building a virtualization platform to create, deploy, and manage virtual servers.

Essar upgrades access security for global HR portal

To support its growing workforce, Essar needed a modernized human resources portal to offer secure access to employee information and comply with data protection regulations.

Rural Credit Banks Funds Clearing Center virtualizes servers to support growth

This Chinese financial institution needed enterprise virtualization to support fast business growth and relieve pressure on its server infrastructure.

Casio builds high-availability storage with software and commodity servers

Casio wanted to reduce high storage costs, break free of expensive proprietary technology, and build a simplified storage environment.

Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS streamlines operations with open source business platforms

To keep pace with fierce global competition, Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS needed to streamline operations without compromising service levels.