Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure

Features and benefits

Keep your options open

Our products are built on open standards, so you're never dependent on a single vendor. And bringing open source to enterprises is what we do best—we’ll take care of the technology with our award-winning support, so you can take care of the work.

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Stay flexible

Your IT journey to the cloud should be based on your business demands. Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure helps move your organization from traditional to cloud-enabled workload models—on your terms and timelines. The integrated components work with your existing infrastructure investments and let you to tailor your cloud to your environment and needs.

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Cost-effective, secure virtualization

Build a traditional private cloud using datacenter virtualization traditional workloads with the help of Red Hat Virtualization. Part of Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, Red Hat Virtualization has earned top virtualization benchmarks for performance and scalability in SPECvirt.

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Stay automated

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure offers the automated provisioning capabilities—as well as configuration and software management—of Red Hat Enterprise Linux® and any application based on Red Hat package manager.

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Deploy all the environments you’ll need

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure can manage multiple virtualization technologies, Red Hat OpenStack® Platform, and public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Cover all the clouds, regardless of which one you choose.

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Manage all the environments

Red Hat CloudForms, an open hybrid cloud management platform, provides visibility and control over existing independent virtual infrastructures. With it, you can deploy, monitor, and manage cloud services across multiple virtualization platforms—such as Red Hat Virtualization and VMware vSphere—as well as on Red Hat OpenStack Platform and an increasing number of public cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

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