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Red Hat Cloud Suite

Features and benefits

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All the parts you need in 1 solution

Deliver the apps and insights your business needs quickly and cost-effectively while maintaining governance and security. Red Hat Cloud Suite gives you a common interface and technology stack for development, operations, IT administrators, and lines of business. And our components work together to help you build cloud environments, write apps, and manage integration, governance, and portability.

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Modernize and deploy your apps faster

Get the application platform you need to build modern apps. Red Hat Cloud Suite includes Red Hat OpenShift, a container-based app-development platform that gives developers access to processing power so they can integrate and deploy apps in containers and virtual machines.

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Choose and update your cloud infrastructure

Build a private cloud on either Red Hat OpenStack Platform with public cloud-like scalability or Red Hat Virtualization with high-performance virtualization capabilities. Or if public cloud’s your thing, create an easy-to-manage OpenStack® private cloud to deliver public cloud-like scalability and speed up service delivery.

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Integrate with other software

Partner with Red Hat and third-party products, and build true hybrid clouds across private and public domains as you establish a software-defined datacenter.

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Ready to build modern apps in the cloud?