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Red Hat OpenShift Database Access

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What is Red Hat OpenShift Database Access?

Red Hat® OpenShift® Database Access simplifies and standardizes how teams provision, monitor, and connect to cloud-hosted partner database services.

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Simplify database services across your environment

As your reliance on data grows, challenges are sure to follow. Which applications have access to which databases? How can you maintain control over database security while supporting developer agility?

Red Hat OpenShift Database Access helps solve these challenges and more, by standardizing your database access services across clusters, clouds, and vendors. It’s designed to work cohesively with other services in support of cloud-native app development.

Red Hat OpenShift Database Access allows you to:

  • Access a consistent control plane for cloud database access, for enhanced centralized visibility.
  • Streamline the distribution of database connection information, increasing consistency and improving standardization and governance.
  • Enable self-service agility, helping your developers connect apps to database services without hassle or delay.
  • Works across multiple cloud database services today: MongoDB Atlas, Crunchy Bridge and CockroachDB Cloud

Features & benefits


Efficient management of database access

Inconsistent processes lead to wasted time, as teams chase down access and credentials. Red Hat OpenShift Database Access helps establish consistent ways to distribute information on how to provision, connect, and monitor access to database services across multicloud and hybrid cloud environments.


Visibility into who’s accessing your data

To maintain database security, your IT teams need to know who’s accessing your data, when they’re accessing it, and how they’re using it. This knowledge can also help reduce costs, sprawl, and wasted efforts. Red Hat OpenShift Database Access provides centralized visibility and control of cloud database access for all apps across your environments.


Improved developer productivity

Database gatekeeping can slow developers down. Red Hat OpenShift Database Access replaces delays and hassles with a predictable self-service experience. Developers can be productive and autonomous with uninterrupted, drag-and-drop capabilities across multiple clusters and database services.

Red Hat partners

Red Hat OpenShift Database Access integrates with database technologies from Red Hat partners, including AWS RDS, Crunchy Data, Cockroach Labs, and MongoDB.

Learn how to set up an Amazon RDS account using Red Hat OpenShift Database Access to create and connect more simply.

The Crunchy Bridge Operator for Red Hat OpenShift Database Access simplifies access to database services.

See a demo of how administrators can simplify access to the CockroachDB Cloud, without having to pass credentials back and forth.

Use Red Hat OpenShift Database Access to manage access to the multicloud MongoDB Atlas database.

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