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Build, deploy, and scale real-time applications in hybrid cloud environments with Red Hat® OpenShift® Streams for Apache Kafka. The combination of seamless operations across distributed microservices, large data transfer volumes, and managed operations allows teams to focus on core competencies, accelerate application velocity and reduce operational cost.

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In the United States or Canada, purchase a pay-as-you-go subscription for up to 25 streaming units through Red Hat Marketplace.

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Contact sales to get a pre-paid subscription or modify limits of your current subscription.


Streaming unit $1.49 / hour
Data transfer $0.09 / GB
Storage $0.10 / GB month

A streaming unit determines the default maximum limits of a Kafka instance. The more streaming units your Kafka instance has, the larger its capacity will be.

Kafka instance capacity

Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka offers instances of 1 or 2 streaming units.

  1 streaming unit 2 streaming units
Ingress (MB/second) up to 50 up to 100
Egress (MB/second) up to 100 up to 200
Storage* (GB) up to 1000 up to 2000
Topic partitions up to 1500 up to 3000
Client connections up to 9000 up to 18000
Connection rate (connections/second) up to 100 up to 200
Message size (MB) up to 1 up to 1


*Storage can be extended. If you wish to increase the storage limit for a Kafka instance, contact Red Hat support to discuss your options. You can check your current storage usage by monitoring disk space metrics.

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