Government and public sector


Educational institutions face many IT challenges. IT environments can be complex, and departments may use their own systems and processes, making security, governance, and effective delivery difficult. Red Hat’s® products and services—from Linux® platforms to middleware and more—can help education institutions, whether K-12 schools, community colleges, or top research universities, overcome these challenges and cost-effectively simplify IT.

Research and computing

Institutions in higher education are increasingly turning to the cloud as their primary research computing platform. But the proliferation of different low-cost and out-of-the-box solutions means that individual departments and research institutions can deploy various platforms. This deployment of disjointed technologies can create serious security and governance issues for university IT departments.

With Red Hat’s open source and easy-to-manage cloud technologies, you can regain control and visibility over their university-wide cloud strategy. And, at the same time, provide individual researchers and institutions the flexibility they require for their specific initiatives and projects.

Consolidate and centralize IT

While IT infrastructure consolidation is a major priority for K-12 and colleges alike, so is creating scalable and sustainable environments without incurring huge costs.

Red Hat’s open source solutions provide the ideal platform for large and small-scale consolidation deployments based on common standards.

Our enterprise software has been tested to work across multiple environments and departments. And we work with you every step of the way to further build in comprehensive management across your various environments so that you can optimize your IT.

On-demand webinar

Containerization: Migrating existing applications

Containers can help make existing applications future-resilient. But some applications aren’t easy to containerize. Learn how Duke University and Red Hat migrated existing applications, in one of the best Red Hat Summit sessions on containerization.

Ensure student success

What can you do with an education in open source software solutions? Just ask the students at East Carolina University and at Singapore Polytechnic. Both schools—among others—partnered with Red Hat Academy to prepare their students for a career in open source IT.

Red Hat Academy provides comprehensive education materials, integrated testing, student management tools, certifications, and access to a wide variety of Red Hat communities and employment connections.


Red Hat Academy

Red Hat Academy turns academic institutions into centers for enterprise-ready talent by outfitting them with Red Hat Training. This comes in the form of hands-on instruction, curriculum, labs, performance-based testing, and instructor support.

More customers

Penn State

Penn State built a responsive and flexible computing infrastructure to meet a wide variety of changing researcher requirements.

University of Alabama Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) built a flexible, scalable storage solution to meet the growing data storage needs of its researchers and reduce data storage costs.

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