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Comprehensive government compliance solutions

Security is consistently ranked at the top as a priority area for federal and state governments. Managing and implementing security standards and controls in a timely manner without inhibiting the usability of infrastructure is a real challenge for government IT.

Red Hat is committed to making your accreditation and certification process as seamless as possible. Our technologies maintain comprehensive privacy and security standards and certifications—including Common Criteria—and are continuously evolving to meet new requirements. Red Hat actively participates in open communities like the SCAP Security Guide and others to foster the innovative solutions required to meet mission success.

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Certification and accreditation

Ensuring security in government

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Connecting open source and government security specialists

Discuss government compliance and accreditation strategies or get your questions answered by experts familiar with the processes and standards of your industry.


The Red Hat-sponsored gov-sec community is a moderated mailing list for U.S. government security professionals.

Military Open Source Working Group

Mil-OSS is a community of open source enthusiasts in the DoD. It is not affiliated with Red Hat, but many Red Hat folks are active members.

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