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What accounts for Red Hat's® success in government? Collaboration and security. Unlike proprietary vendors, Red Hat develops technology in collaboration with customers from a range of industries—including government and financial services—ensuring that rigorous security protocols are built in to our software. Red Hat's secure, open source solutions are being used throughout the federal government, from processing Medicare claims at CMS to handling airplane traffic at FAA to enhancing every tactical vehicle in the DoD, and in all 50 states, meeting the most rigorous security requirements and internationally recognized standards, like Common Criteria.

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Protecting against today’s relentless and adaptive cyber threats requires continuous monitoring of your networks and systems, but providing the investment and support needed for continuous monitoring can strain security budgets already stretched thin. Red Hat helps address this challenge through centralized security management, configuration scanning, and advanced remediation. With Red Hat’s continuous monitoring capabilities, you can automatically scan Red Hat technology for security gaps, vulnerabilities, and unauthorized changes in security configurations — and then remediate problems to restore security controls to your established security configuration.

Red Hat and Open Security Standards; OpenSCAP Receives NIST Certification

SELinux and sVirt

In the escalating battle against malicious attackers who want to compromise enterprise-level systems, you need cost-effective solutions to stop potential threats — both inside and outside the walls of government offices. Red Hat delivers rigorous security controls to prevent unauthorized access to systems and data with Red Hat Security-Enhanced Linux® (SELinux) and Red Hat sVirt for virtual and cloud environments.

PKI + Middleware

Red Hat JBoss® Middleware is fast becoming recognized as government’s trusted choice for applications that need robust encrypted data transport and secure identity and access control. Red Hat works continuously with government agencies and the open source community to implement Red Hat JBoss Middleware that supports the most stringent federal protocols, standards, and security features.

Robust solutions for continuous diagnostics mitigation
JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Security Guide

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With Red Hat Storage, we have gained a highly scalable and reliable storage solution that has allowed us to adapt to our growing IT needs while remaining cost-effective.

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