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Demand more from your infrastructure

Software that's open can change the way you do business. It lets you make your own technology choices: hardware, systems, and applications. Find a new path that lets you do more while using the investments you've already made.

Today’s businesses demand both operational efficiency and agile innovation. Strike a balance.

By 2017, Gartner predicts, 75% of IT organizations will have a bimodal capability. Hybrid IT—infrastructure that spans from bare metal to private and public clouds—is a critical capability for any organization.

Find the perfect balance for your business with Red Hat® infrastructure solutions.

Finding I.T. Balance

Build an infrastructure without boundaries

Modernize core business applications

Reduce complexity and simplify application infrastructure by standardizing on a modern platform with greater uptime and faster system deployment capabilities.

Learn how NCDEX achieved 99.99% uptime by standardizing IT architecture.

Accelerate application delivery

Improve speed to market with optimized infrastructure and self-service capabilities for your developers.

See how CBTS automated and streamlined its customer support processes and increased efficiency by 65%.

Enable agile IT

Build applications differently and create your competitive advantage with application-centric infrastructure and a common application delivery platform using containers.

Learn how FICO reduced build times from days to minutes with an OpenStack® solution.

On-demand webinar

The path to frictionless, hybrid IT

How will you evolve your infrastructure strategy to respond to new business demands while maintaining your core infrastructure? It's time to redefine your business in a hybrid IT world.

In this on-demand webinar, Red Hat’s senior VP of infrastructure, Tim Yeaton, talks about Red Hat's approach.

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The elements of a stable, secure, flexible foundation

Are you ready for containers?

5 steps to successful container adoption

Forrester Consulting asked 194 IT operations and developer decision makers about their container plans*. Most hope to develop and deliver apps faster. And many use containers to deliver cloud and data solutions. But how many felt prepared? Less than half.

Are you ready for containers? Would you like to be?

*Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Red Hat, January 2015

Register and read Forrester's 5 steps to successful container adoption

Customer success

Cox Automotive: Journey to cloud management with Red Hat

Cox Automotive automated their IT infrastructure delivery and increased their agility and speed to market.

Watch Cox Automotive's story

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Learn how to navigate hybrid IT reality, regardless of where your business is today

Efficiency web book

Unload the burden of legacy infrastructure.

Increase I.T. efficiency

Transformation web book

Adopt the right strategy to support bimodal capabilities.

Optimize traditional I.T.

Agility web book

Enable rapid IT service delivery and innovation with an infrastructure built for cloud-native applications.

Shift to more agility


Conventional or agile IT?

What if you could operate more efficiently while becoming more agile? What if you could balance conventional and agile IT?

Learn how you can deliver IT without boundaries with consistent, interoperable, and open solutions.

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