Demand more from your infrastructure

Software that's open can change the way you do business. It lets you make your own technology choices: hardware, systems, and applications. Find a new path that lets you do more while using the investments you've already made.

Even if you're not ready for cloud today, someday you will be

A foundation standardized on Red Hat® solutions—a Linux® operating system, virtualization, and storage—helps you bring sprawling systems together using the resources you have.

Build a technology base that can give you the tools you need today and carry you through tomorrow.

Your I.T. Journey

Build your infrastructure on a platform without boundaries


Modernize your IT infrastructure to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve IT efficiency.


Standardize to achieve greater uptime and deploy new systems faster.


Gain flexibility by virtualizing your datacenter, letting you respond rapidly to changing business demands.


Build your infrastructure with technology that lets you allocate compute, networking, and storage resources to applications when needed.


Build the business you want on a strong foundation

  • Modernize your datacenter

    Keep up with the rapidly changing IT landscape.

  • Manage exploding IT demand

    Lower operational costs so you can do more with the budget you have.

  • Prepare for cloud and big data

    Explore and deploy innovative technology when you’re ready.

  • Keep your enterprise secure

    Get the security, access control, and reliability you need for critical systems.


The elements of a stable, secure, flexible foundation

Are you ready for containers?

5 steps to successful container adoption

Forrester Consulting asked 194 IT operations and developer decision makers about their container plans*. Most hope to develop and deliver apps faster. And many use containers to deliver cloud and data solutions. But how many felt prepared? Less than half.

Are you ready for containers? Would you like to be?

*Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Red Hat, January 2015

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA is going to open up the reporting on SAP... It’s positive for IT, and it’s positive for the business.


Open hybrid cloud

Cloud is here. Deploy it today. Or prepare for tomorrow.

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