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Red Hat Decision Manager

Features and benefits

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Automate decision making

When it comes to evaluating business rules to draw conclusions from live data, Red Hat® Decision Manager supports an advanced, highly scalable rules engine derived from the Drools 7 community project. Red Hat Decision Manager scales to automate decisions governed by thousands of rules with ease, and can execute decision models described with the Decision Model & Notation (DMN) standard. In addition, with our latest release, Red Hat Decision Manager supports execution of machine-learned predictive models via the industry standard Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML). Complex event processing (CEP) extensions add the ability to process time-based constraints providing advanced, real-time decision making.

Optimize resources

Red Hat Decision Manager includes a unique toolkit designed to help Java™ developers construct applications that solve complex scheduling and resource optimization problems. The toolkit is based on the JBoss® OptaPlanner community project and uses the rules engine to quickly find good solutions to problems that are otherwise extremely difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to solve. No specific knowledge of optimization techniques is required in order to use the toolkit, making it easy for IT organizations to deliver resource scheduling and planning applications without specialized expertise.

Empower business analysts and IT

Red Hat Decision Manager supports a business-friendly user interface for quick definition and simplified changes to business applications. Full support for the Decision Model and Notation specification (DMN) is included, along with decision tables, scorecards, and domain-specific languages to help IT and business users quickly create and change business rules.

Optimized for cloud and containers

Whether on-premise; virtual; or in private, public, and hybrid clouds; Red Hat Decision Manager can be hosted within a customer’s datacenter, or deployed to a private or public instance of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

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