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Lightweight integration

Integrate everything—fast

The information powering your business is spread across multiple applications and processes. You need an effective, cost-efficient, adaptive, and faster way to integrate applications, data, and devices within your enterprise for a successful digital transformation.

Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse is a lightweight, flexible integration platform that enables rapid integration across the extended enterprise—on-premise or in the cloud. JBoss Fuse includes modular integration capabilities, a new style enterprise service bus (ESB), to unlock information. Through this agile integration functionality, you're free to connect your systems, apps, and technologies in whatever way works best for you.

Red Hat JBoss Fuse for xPaaS extends the capabilities to our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, Red Hat OpenShift, for integration services in the cloud.

Connect all your information sources, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps, on-premise apps, custom apps, devices, and other data sources using Red Hat JBoss Fuse connectors.


Easily connect enterprise assets

  • Create and connect application programming interfaces (APIs) quickly using intuitive tooling. Develop faster connected solutions using enterprise integration patterns included with Apache Camel.

  • Debug integration services for higher-quality solutions. Develop, test, collaborate, and find problems earlier using a more-responsive platform.

  • Connect legacy services, on-premise apps, SaaS apps, APIs, and data using standard connectivity provided by more than 150 included connectors.

  • Transform data to and from different sources using the included transformers in Apache Camel or through the graphical mapper.

Connect and innovate

Develop connected APIs using visual tools and more


Create and connect APIs.


Visually debug APIs.


Transform and visually map APIs.

Product details

Everything you need to build and maintain connected solutions for modern enterprise

Unlock assets with real-time integration

Red Hat JBoss Fuse is a robust, flexible, and easy-to-use platform to integrate applications, data, services, and devices. The integration platform uses popular open source technologies to provide transformation, routing, and protocol-matching services.

Red Hat JBoss Fuse also includes Red Hat JBoss AMQ, a high-performance, reliable messaging platform. Integration eliminates manual touch points, automates processes, and connects enterprise assets for improved efficiency. Real-time messaging fosters a responsive and agile enterprise.

Learn why agile integration is important to your enterprise

Deploy multiple configurations

Red Hat JBoss Fuse can be hosted on a OSGi-based lightweight container, Apache Karaf, or on the fully certified Java™ EE platform, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP). Both Apache Karaf and JBoss EAP are included with a JBoss Fuse subscription. This flexible architecture allows JBoss Fuse to be deployed in various configurations to connect customized solutions at every endpoint, distributor, outlet, partner, or device. With Red Hat JBoss Fuse for xPaaS, you can develop, deploy, and manage integration solutions in the cloud.

Enjoy extensive connectivity

Red Hat JBoss Fuse uses Apache Camel to provide connectivity to external applications. Red Hat JBoss Fuse supports more than 150+ Camel components (connectors), including Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), FTP/STP, HTTP/HTTPS, File, and more. In addition, custom components can be written for specific endpoint connectivity requirements. Check the Red Hat JBoss Fuse connectors.

Get enterprise-class reliability

Red Hat JBoss Fuse has a track record of supporting mission-critical applications and is backed by Red Hat's award-winning support and services. Red Hat JBoss Fuse is also based on open source projects from Apache Software Foundation, which has a well-regarded history and a vibrant community of contributors.

JBoss Fuse was 10 times faster than any of its competitors that we evaluated, and we only needed a laptop to run it on.


Services and support

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Invest in your or your team's skills

Our training courses are hands-on and role-based. This means students stay at their keyboards for up to 80% of a course, boosting the retention of skills they'll use every day. We offer several convenient ways to train and save, and training facilities around the world. Visit our student center to learn more.

Camel development with Red Hat JBoss Fuse (JB421)
Learn how to develop, implement, test, and deploy enterprise integration patterns (EIP)-based applications using Apache Camel.
Enterprise Service Bus Deployment with Red Hat JBoss Fuse (JB435)
Install, configure, manage, and deploy JBoss Fuse applications.
Red Hat JBoss Fuse Rapid Track (JB439)
Take the rapid track to managing Red Hat JBoss Fuse, Red Hat JBoss AM-Q, and Apache Camel.
Find out more about our learning paths

Get the most from your IT infrastructure

Red Hat Certified Specialist in Camel Development exam (EX421)
An enterprise application developer who is a Red Hat Certified Specialist in Camel Development has demonstrated the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to create and maintain enterprise integration services based on the Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse Camel framework and APIs. The certificate is earned after passing the Red Hat Certified Specialist in Camel Development exam (EX421).

Rely on the experts

Let Red Hat Consulting help you successfully deploy Red Hat JBoss Fuse. We offer flexible engagement models to help meet your IT goals. Have unallocated end-of-year budget? Consider using Consulting Units to secure resources you'll need in the upcoming year—without committing to a specific topic up front.

Service-oriented architecture and integration
Build a bridge between disparate platforms.
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Together, we can do more

Collaboration is a pillar of the open source community. And it's how Red Hat approaches support. Connect to Red Hat Support to access industry-leading technical resources available in our award-winning Red Hat Customer Portal anywhere, any time.

Red Hat JBoss Fuse

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In keeping with the open source way, we like to keep the lines of communication open. So whether you're a customer or just interested in learning more, connect with us. We're eager to answer questions.

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