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To install Red Hat Enterprise Linux® for SAP Solutions, you'll need:


System requirements

Check that your hardware meets all system requirements.


Network connection

A public network connection will be required to register, download, and install software.

Installer image

Download the ISO image.


Installation steps for Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions

Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Once downloaded, perform your installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Register your Red Hat Enterprise Linux trial

Register and attach your server to a repository source—either a local Red Hat Satellite instance, the global Red Hat Customer Portal, or to a Red Hat update infrastructure of your public cloud provider.

Set your Red Hat Enterprise Linux release and enable required repositories

Apply the release lock and activate the SAP repositories in the Red Hat subscription manager to get access to the additional packages provided by the Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions subscription.

Configure your server using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux system roles for SAP

Execute the Red Hat Enterprise Linux system roles for SAP to automatically perform all required OS preconfiguration tasks to get started with the SAP workload installation afterwards.

Install SAP HANA

Once your Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions system is ready, you can start your SAP installation, for example SAP HANA® Express Edition.

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Need installation support?

If you need help installing your product, contact the support team at 1-888-REDHAT-1 or 1-919-754-3700, then select the menu prompt for customer service.

Resources while you wait

Learn the basics

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions (RH259) is designed to teach Linux® administrators how to adapt Red Hat® Enterprise Linux for the installation and operation of the in-memory database SAP HANA.

Value of the Red Hat portfolio for SAP

Red Hat helps enterprises create a more secure, scalable, flexible, reliable, cost effective, and intelligent automated infrastructure. This foundation sets up a future of innovation as an SAP-powered digital enterprise.

Additional resources

Get additional resources, such as release notes, product guides, and getting started information on Red Hat Customer Portal.

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