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Ansible automation hub

Use Ansible® automation hub as your trusted source for Ansible Content Collections.

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Ansible automation hub is a central repository to discover, download, and manage Ansible Content Collections—bundles of modules, plug-ins, roles, and documentation from Red Hat and our partners. Included with your Red Hat® Ansible Automation Platform subscription, the Ansible Content Collections found in automation hub helps teams automate new projects faster.

Ansible automation hub features Red Hat Ansible Certified Content—prebuilt, fully supported, and certified automation content from Red Hat and many of our 60+ partners, including Cisco, Microsoft, CyberArk, Dynatrace, and ServiceNow. It also includes validated content–prebuilt playbooks and roles that you can use, customize, and learn from.

Private automation hub is an on-premise repository that allows enterprises with disconnected environments to manage, share, and curate content generated internally and control access to Red Hat and partner-created content.

Automation hub overview. Video duration: 2:15.

Examples of Ansible Content Collections

Examples of Ansible Content Collections you can access in the Ansible automation hub dashboard

Features and benefits

Find new collections quickly

New content is published to automation hub continuously, which means you can access and share collections without waiting for the next release of Ansible Automation Platform.

Manage and control your Ansible content

With private automation hub, you can confidently manage a combination of internally generated content, Red Hat Ansible Certified Content, and Ansible validated content—while applying appropriate governance.

Reuse and share with trust

Extend the trusted automation supply chain throughout your organization by distributing stable, secure, and tested automation content to the right users.

Manage internal repositories

Create custom repositories for internal teams and sync to another repository such as automation hub, private automation hub, or Ansible Galaxy.

Store container images

Private automation hub supports automation execution environments, container images used to execute playbooks and roles. You can build and share these container images with defined, consistent, and portable environments.

Access expert support

Ansible automation hub and Red Hat Ansible Certified Content are managed by Red Hat. If you have an issue, regardless of the integration partner, Red Hat is your point of contact for support.

Enhance automation security with certified and validated content in Ansible automation hub. Video duration: 4:59.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a subscription to access Ansible automation hub?

Ansible automation hub is included with your subscription to Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. If you’re a subscriber, you have free and unlimited access to any content available.

What’s the difference between Red Hat Ansible Certified Content and Ansible validated content?

Red Hat Ansible Certified Content is prebuilt, fully supported, and certified automation content from Red Hat and many of our 60+ partners. It helps you integrate with Red Hat and partner platforms.

Ansible validated content is similar to Red Hat Ansible Certified Content, but support is not provided by Red Hat. It offers guidance on how to perform operations or tasks in Red Hat and partner platforms. This content is created by or with Red Hat and made available in your private automation hub. You can share, reuse, and customize Ansible validated content for your unique environment.

Watch this video about the difference between Red Hat Certified Content and Ansible validated content or explore existing collections.

What is the process for customers with disconnected environments?

Red Hat offers both on-premise and cloud-based options for our platform. However, we continue to develop and build out additional capabilities through our hosted services (available at console.redhat.com), including Ansible automation hub as well as automation analytics and Red Hat Insights for Ansible Automation Platform. Rather than wait for the next platform release, Red Hat makes new content collections and features available as cloud-based offerings to bring them to our customers faster.

How do I open a ticket about Red Hat Ansible Certified Content or another issue in Ansible automation hub?

Whether your issue is with content created by Red Hat or one of our industry partners, Red Hat support is your first point of contact. Learn how to engage with Red Hat support.

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