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Now more than ever, IT enterprise teams manage a complex array of applications and systems, including clouds, networks, storage, servers, and edge devices. Over time, the introduction of even minor inconsistencies or misconfiguration errors can lead to configuration drift and issues with performance, security, and compliance—and even cause outages.

Automation makes it possible for teams to establish more reliable, consistent IT operations, which can limit downtime and improve return on investment. With Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform, your team can deploy and decommission infrastructure components in just minutes—instead of hours or days—establish and maintain desired configuration states across multiple systems, and ensure compliance.

Get a quick overview of how Ansible Automation Platform can help you tackle configuration and other infrastructure tasks. Video duration: 2:27.

Features and benefits

Execute automation faster

With access to over 140 certified and validated content collections from more than 60 industry partners, you can quickly start automating common and time-consuming configuration management tasks. 

Manage compliance through consistency

Automation execution environments help ensure your automation runs smoothly and consistently across multiple platforms, whether they're in your datacenter, cloud, or at the edge.

Respond to issues proactively

Event-Driven Ansible connects your data, analytics, and service requests to automated actions so that activities—such as responding to an outage or patching a server—can take place in a single, rapid motion.

Ensure resiliency

Ansible Automation Platform performs the work of disparate solutions to establish baseline system settings and helps you reduce drift and downtime through consistent patch  management, installations, and updates.  

Measure performance and monitor drift

Automation analytics and Red Hat Insights give you full visibility into the performance of your automation. Monitor configuration drift, manage automation tasks, and use Event-Driven Ansible to address problems before they become urgent issues.

Enable collaboration

Bring your IT operations teams and developers together using a shared language and standardized framework. Open up siloed teams and processes, enabling teams to share configuration management content to boost productivity and efficiency.

IDC MarketScape report: Red Hat a leader in cloud management

Red Hat was named a leader in IDC’s 2024 assessment of vendors for multicloud and hybrid cloud management with automation. According to IDC, enterprises can confidently choose Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, thanks to its “comprehensive capabilities and broad support in accelerating automation maturity.”

Customer success stories

Zoom logo

Zoom relies on Ansible Automation Platform to meet its rigorous security standards, as well as infrastructure automation, compliance functions, and application deployments.

Agile Defense logo

Ansible Automation Platform helped Emory University accelerate security risk remediation and reduce the time spent patching systems from weeks to hours.

Siemens logo

By automating configuration audits, Siemens improved configuration quality and saved its public key infrastructure (PKI) teams hours in regular manual work.

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