Red Hat CloudForms

A management tool for hybrid environments

Red Hat® CloudForms is an infrastructure management platform that offers a consistent way to track costs, control resource allocation, and ensure compliance across all your networked environments. Manage virtual machines, containers, and your clouds in the same way with a single tool.

Features & benefits

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Self service capabilities

Delegate provisioning, reconfiguration, and retirement to end users through a web-based self-service catalog.

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Choose your environments

Manage across physical, virtual, container, and cloud platforms.

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Automate the standard stuff

Deploy Red Hat Ansible Automation playbooks to automate management policies and processes without code or scripting.

Control your compliance

Apply corporate compliance and governance policies across all environments.

Manage full lifecycles

Provision, reconfigure, and retire guest and host instances.

See everything

Discover, monitor, and track resources—and their relationships—so you know what's going on, where.

Platform management options

Management for any environment

Whether you operate in a single, software-defined network or across multiple public and private clouds, effective management makes all the difference. Red Hat CloudForms connects all environments, so you can get more out of the platforms you’re in right now and confidently move to new environments tomorrow—knowing they can all be managed under a single, unified tool.

OpenStack is the most popular combination of open source projects used to deploy private clouds. Red Hat CloudForms is engineered to work with Red Hat OpenStack Platform, and includes management and automation capabilities that are not available in the OpenStack project.

Using Red Hat CloudForms to manage private clouds, you can:

  • Manage, approve, automatically provision, customize, secure, and retire private cloud instances.
  • Track private cloud operations, such as performance, capacity, use, and compliance.
  • Allocate costs and chargeback via fixed, allocated, or use-based rates.

Public cloud platforms offer tremendous benefits, but also introduce significant risks. Red Hat CloudForms offers a complete management platform for public cloud platforms—like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform—helping you use public clouds responsibly by maintaining control over costs, implementing governance, and enforcing compliance.

Using Red Hat CloudForms to manage public clouds, you can:

  • Track the life cycle and use of each resource
  • Identify idle or high-cost cloud instances
  • Provide detailed chargeback reports
  • Bring existing public cloud deployments under management without requiring process changes

Virtualization's widespread applicability has helped reduce vendor lock-in, allowing companies to update their IT environments with less-expensive commodity servers, operating systems, and applications from a variety of vendors. Red Hat CloudForms can help organizations continue to avoid vendor lock-in by migrating virtual machines (VMs) to lower cost virtual infrastructure platforms and operate across multiple hypervisors.

Using Red Hat CloudForms to manage virtual cloud environments, you can:

  • Implement self-service ordering with complete VM life-cycle management
  • See and control security, performance, and capacity for all VMs.
  • Maintain VM compliance with corporate, industry, and government requirements.

Hybrid environments—composed of virtualization, private or public cloud, and container-based platforms—present significant management challenges. Red Hat CloudForms offers unified management for hybrid environments, providing a consistent cross-platform experience. With Red Hat CloudForms, IT organizations can delegate actions to end users, while retaining operational control.

Using Red Hat CloudForms you can manage:

  • Virtualization platforms
  • Private cloud platforms
  • Public cloud platforms
  • Container-based environments
  • Software-defined networking environments

What you get

Your Red Hat subscription comes with award-winning support; the industry's largest ecosystem of partners, customers, and experts; hardware certification; and a connection to open source communities where we source the best features and make them safe for our enterprise products.

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