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Red Hat Gluster Storage

Flexible, software-defined storage

Red Hat® Gluster Storage (formerly known as Red Hat Storage Server) is a software-defined storage (SDS) platform designed to handle the requirements of traditional file storage—high-capacity tasks like backup and archival as well as high-performance tasks of analytics and virtualization. But unlike traditional storage systems, Red Hat Gluster Storage isn’t rigid and expensive. It easily scales across bare metal, virtual, container, and cloud deployments.

So go ahead. Deploy it on vendor-neutral hardware or in any type of cloud. Red Hat Gluster Storage can handle it.

Features & benefits

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Fast and simple

Deploy a multitenant storage system in a few minutes—then scale it in a few seconds. With fast back-end storage for virtual machines (VMs) and automatic storage tiering, using Red Hat Gluster Storage is fast and simple. And did we mention that users can access the data from any device?

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The strength of open source

Red Hat Gluster Storage is based on the open source GlusterFS project, Which we stabilize so enterprises get a reliable storage system suited for unstructured, semistructured, and big data storage requirements.

When the best ideas win, you can't lose

Red Hat Storage delivers high availability and scalability with low cost, which takes advantage of GlusterFS technology. We are thus able to build robust platforms to meet the requirements of service providers.

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Agile storage capacity

Estimating how much storage you need was easy—a decade ago. Modern businesses generate more data each year, and that number is rising exponentially. Accurately predicting storage needs is no longer possible, and buying massive amounts of capacity upfront is wasteful. Red Hat Gluster Storage scales as you grow, so you can add or remove nodes, repurpose industry standard hardware, and respond to business changes without creating a standalone storage environment for each new initiative.

It's flexible. It's scalable. It's Gluster.

Hands-off storage management

Using an elastic hashing algorithm, Red Hat Gluster Storage stores data without the need for a metadata server, thus eliminating any single point of failure. It monitors, tracks events, and easily integrates into open source monitoring frameworks such as Nagios or our other products. Link it to Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and your developers can seamlessly provision storage for containerized applications.

Monitoring made easy
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Focus on: Red Hat Gluster Storage

No vendor lock-in

Unlike proprietary storage solutions, Red Hat Gluster Storage doesn't tie you to rigid innovation cycles or specific hardware configurations. Sure, we can recommend hardware for targeted use cases, but our software runs on any x86 hardware, hypervisor vendor, container platform, or public cloud infrastructure.

Storage that plays well with others

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Customer success

Red Hat Storage saves customers money and improves performance

Three customers found success using Red Hat Storage: Financial services providers FICO and Intuit, and consumer electronics provider Casio. Red Hat Gluster Storage helped these companies reduce storage costs, simplify management, and address new opportunities.

What you get

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Seamless product integration

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Thanks to open standards, Red Hat products work well together and with products from many other vendors, so you can configure your IT environment the way you need it.

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