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Red Hat Gluster Storage

Features and benefits

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Storage management that scales

Using an elastic hashing algorithm, Red Hat Gluster Storage stores data without the need for a metadata server, eliminating any single point of failure. Red Hat Gluster Storage scales as you grow, so you can respond to business changes without creating a standalone storage environment for each new project.

Fast, simple, and no vendor lock-in

Deploy a multi-tenant storage system in a few minutes—then scale it in a few seconds. Red Hat Gluster Storage is based on the open source GlusterFS project and stabilized by Red Hat so enterprises get a reliable storage system suited for unstructured, semistructured, and big data storage requirements. Unlike proprietary storage solutions, Red Hat Gluster Storage doesn't tie you to rigid innovation cycles or specific hardware configurations.

Optimized for containers

Containers package code and runtime dependencies for greater application portability across deployment environments—but they're ephemeral by design. Red Hat Gluster Storage gives containers persistent storage that's scalable and highly integrated with Openshift.

Large-scale media

Storage needs for media and entertainment are outpacing capacity and budgets. The transition to digital workflows and content has increased demand for digital storage. With lower costs than proprietary storage vendors and the ability to scale on demand, Red Hat Gluster Storage is ideal for the media industry.


Hyperconvergence—IT architectures provided by 1 vendor that uses software to bind compute, storage, and virtualization resources on commodity hardware—is gaining traction. Integrating Red Hat Gluster Storage with Red Hat Virtualization helps you build cost-effective, agile, and optimal virtual server and storage infrastructures across heterogeneous hardware platforms.

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