Use case: Container-native storage


Storage for, and in, containers

Containers package code and runtime dependencies to offer greater portability to cloud-native applications. But containers are ephemeral by design. If containers fail, stateful applications lose all of their data, leaving your enterprise open to the risk of lost revenue and lower customer satisfaction.

As you consider deploying containers in production, you'll need enterprise-caliber persistent storage that's scalable, secure, and container-aware.

Red Hat is the ideal provider for versatile, multi-purpose storage for containerized applications. Red Hat offers storage for containers, letting you attach modern software-defined storage to container platforms or bridge to traditional storage. In addition, Red Hat offers storage in containers, orchestrated by Kubernetes, delivering storage services and applications out of the same containers.

Persistent Storage for Containers

Programmable storage deployed in containers

Red Hat container-native storage built with Red Hat® Gluster Storage is tightly integrated with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to help developers easily provision and manage elastic storage for their apps. Developers gain autonomy and control over the storage-provisioning experience. Red Hat Gluster Storage is multipurpose, software-defined storage that can be used to store the container registry, logs, and metrics for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

The Red Hat Container Catalog, or container registry, offers a containerized version of Red Hat Gluster Storage, so containers for apps and storage can reside on the same server, helping cut costs and simplify management. Unlike traditional storage approaches, Red Hat's container-native storage offers granular control over every component of the storage landscape, with a single point of world-class service and support.


Simplified management

Improve the storage-provisioning experience for app developers through more control and efficiency.

Lower costs

Use existing servers to converge apps and storage.

Rapid deployment

Use deployment tools to easily and quickly set up Red Hat Gluster Storage in a containerized environment.

Single point of support

Get support that covers container host, development environment, and storage from 1 vendor.

One of the key challenges facing customers looking to transition applications from virtual machines to containers is the lack of storage that endures beyond the life of individual containers. Containers are designed to be transient and mobile. The underlying storage platform should support those features. Any integration of storage into the container host and application development platform goes a long way to alleviate resistance in container adoption.

Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst, Storage, ESG

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