Use case: Red Hat Gluster Storage for enterprise file sync and share


Secure collaboration-and-control data access anywhere, anytime

Enterprise mobility, collaboration, and the need for anytime, anywhere access to files are realities of doing business today. This means consumer cloud-based file-sharing services have your company's data stored on servers outside your IT organization's control—maybe even outside your country. As a result, your company is more vulnerable to high-risk data breaches.

Now for some good news: Red Hat® and ownCloud offer a solution for file storage and sharing that can scale as quickly as a public cloud, but without the security concerns and compliance challenges that result from storing private data on enterprise cloud servers.

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File sync and share

Keep enterprise data secure while letting employees work productively

Employees use cloud-based services to share sensitive company information with each other, vendors, customers, and partners. They sync data to their personal devices and computers in an effort to work more productively. But many of these actions violate IT guidelines or governance standards, which puts your organization at enormous risk for data leakage, security breaches, and harm to the business.

How can you protect your private data without stifling employee productivity? ownCloud and Red Hat offer a secure alternative. This collaboration and sharing solution combines consumer-grade ease of use, regulatory compliance features, and commodity storage costs. It lets your business better control sensitive data and more easily scale to meet growing demand and expanding storage requirements.


  • Prevent data breaches and return control to IT

    Secure and control private cloud data, with the complete application stack running on infrastructure within the walls of your datacenter, controlled by your administrators.

  • Conform to company data-security and compliance policies

    Integrate the solution into your existing infrastructure and security systems, such as user directories, governance, monitoring, storage and back-up, intrusion detection, and automated provisioning tools—all managed to adhere to corporate policies.

  • Provide an easy end-user experience

    Give employees an easy file-sync-and-share experience—like the one they're used to in their personal lives—with access from any device.

  • Ensure your data is where you do business, when you need it

    Manage and scale the solution for global access, redundancy, and failover as it replicates within and across your datacenters.

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