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Use case: Red Hat Ceph Storage for object storage


Web-scale object storage

Object storage is now mainstream. But the proliferation of structured and unstructured data is fueling the need for object storage systems that are truly flexible, economical, and scalable to perform with multi-petabyte workloads.

Red Hat® Ceph Storage helps businesses balance complexity with cost and achieve the scale required by today’s storage needs. It’s software-defined storage proven at web scale, flexible for application development, and equipped with the data protection, reliability, and availability that growing enterprises demand.

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Object Storage Video

Red Hat Ceph Storage for object storage workloads

With larger file sizes and greater file quantities permeating our mobile world, legacy file storage can’t keep pace. In this video, learn the benefits of object storage and how Red Hat Ceph Storage gives customers the flexibility, availability, and reliability needed to stay ahead.


Proven at web scale

Designed from the ground up for modern workloads, like web-scale object storage, data lake analytics, and cloud infrastructure. Hardened by time and optimized for multi-petabyte installations.

Flexible for your applications

Accessible via Amazon S3 object application programming interface (API) protocols, OpenStack® Swift, NFS, iSCSI, and native API protocols for streamlined migration of and integration with your applications.

Enterprise ready

Distributed storage architecture for storing and protecting your data across numerous assets. Striped erasure coding, requiring 50% less storage, provides more efficient data protection than traditional RAID-based solutions as well as multisite replication for disaster recovery, data distribution, or archiving.

We’ve had researchers from Gambia running analysis on the system, and we had teams uploading sequencing data to OpenStack and Ceph last year during the Ebola outbreak in Africa. This is a large-scale, remote resource that we can ship data to, from anywhere.

Dr. Thomas Connor, CO-INVESTIGATOR, CLIMB Read the full case study

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