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November 30, 2021

Mixing it up!

Hello and welcome to Red Hat Weekly News (RWN), brought to you by the small but scrappy Red Hat Blog team! This week we’re trying something a little different and mixing it up a little to try a new format.

Let's hear it for data science

Last week Red Hat announced the availability of Red Hat OpenShift Data Science as a field trial, as well as an expanded partner ecosystem for OpenShift Data Science. More organizations are adopting artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) each day. Red Hat OpenShift Data Science offers a cloud service that can help you take a model from pilot to production more quickly. In this article, Steven Huels writes about the importance of AI/ML, what you need to get started, and how Red Hat can help.

New on the Red Hat Blog

Red Hat honors APAC partners for supporting customers in their digital transformation with open source innovation

Help us celebrate the winners of the Red Hat Asia Pacific Partner Awards, which recognize commercial and public sector partners for their continued efforts to develop innovative solutions using Red Hat technologies to meet customers' needs and improve business outcomes.

Red Hat Global Customer Tech Outlook 2022: Hybrid and multicloud strategies lead the way as funding priorities hold steady

Results from Red Hat's annual Global Tech Outlook survey are in, and this article explores what the data reveals about the current state of organizations' cloud strategies, their major funding priorities, and the factors influencing digital transformation success.

What is AI/ML and why does it matter to your business?

AI/ML is an important evolution in computer science and data processing that is quickly transforming a vast array of industries. But what is AI/ML, exactly? Here we dig into it, showing how artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) are related, why they’re important, and how you can get started with them in your organization.

How Discover implemented automation as an organization-wide strategy

Discover is a large company with a vast number of processes that span across the business, and automation is increasingly key to their success. Here Joe Mills talks about Discover’s approach to "Extreme Automation" and the challenges (and benefits) they’ve encountered on the way.


Sysadmin corner

All the news and features from Red Hat

OpenShift Virtualization on Amazon Web Services

With the availability of AWS bare metal instance types, Red Hat has announced that OpenShift 4.9 supports OpenShift Virtualization on AWS as a tech preview. Now virtual machines can be managed in much the same way in the cloud as on-premise. In this article, Chandler Wilkinson shows you how to get started.

Increased security with Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) using Simple Token Service (STS)

Security is a critical area of focus for every organization, but for Red Hat and AWS, security is job zero. When deploying Red Hat OpenShift on AWS (ROSA) organizations often struggle with security best practices around credential rotation, use of IAM roles, cross account access, and the use of federation.

Veeam Ransomware Protection with Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the Immutable Repository

Veeam Backup and Replication moderizes data protection and can be used as part of a strategy to guard against ransomware attacks. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is also key to this strategy, providing an immutable backup repository—whether on-premise, or in the cloud as part of your hybrid-cloud implementation.


And finally...happy (almost) holidays!

The holiday season is almost upon us yet again, and the Red Hat Blog team will be taking a well-deserved break. Instead of diligently gathering and sharing the latest and greatest Red Hat news with all of you, we’ll be sitting quietly, sipping cocoa by the fire, feet up, probably reading a book. 

We have a few posts queued up to be published over the break, but for the most part, the Blog and this newsletter will be going quiet between December 15, 2021 and January 11, 2022.

But not yet! Stay tuned for our next issue coming on December 7, 2021.

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