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Red Hat Expands Training, Certification and Consulting Offerings for Virtualization

On November 3, Red Hat announced the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers, a product set including the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager for Servers. Providing the opportunity for enterprises to overcome their previous barriers to virtualization adoption – like performance, scalability, cost and security – Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers offers a new alternative for enterprises looking to invest in virtualization.

In line with the availability of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers, we also launched three new Red Hat Services offerings - including training, certification and consulting - that are designed to equip customers with the knowledge, professional support and hands-on skills to help them better plan, adopt and optimize their use of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. Developed in tandem with the product, the following services were created and will be delivered by instructors and consultants who are trained virtualization product experts.

Training and Certification

We’ve introduced a new Red Hat Training offering, RH318 Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, to help customers develop the skills they need to deploy and manage virtual environments. The four-day course, designed for experienced Linux system administrators, will help customers to:

  • Gain the knowledge and proven hands-on skills to effectively deploy and manage Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization technologies.
  • Acquire hands-on experience with the technology through applied lab exercises.

Along with the course, we’ve also introduced a new Red Hat Training certification, the Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA). Professionals who earn this certification have demonstrated the skills and knowledge needed to deploy and manage virtual hosts in production environments using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. Like our other acclaimed certifications, the RHCVA requires candidates to pass a performance-based exam. Already, five of our channel partners have achieved the RHCVA as part of our program to create Red Hat virtualization specialists within our partner community.


To offer customers an introduction to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization technologies, we also now offer the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Quickstart consulting engagement. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Quickstart offers:

  • One of the fastest ways to get up and running with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, aided and optimized by a Red Hat expert consultant, with confidence that the configuration of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is done quickly and appropriately, and that functionality is fully demonstrated.
  • An opportunity for organizations to gain the configuration expertise and operational knowledge to manage virtualization technologies with confidence.