Deploy DevOps into your traditional environment

  • 14 de Agosto de 2014
  • Webinar

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding DevOps and PaaS, with increasing numbers of organizations creating developer environments in private and public cloud platforms.

But achieving DevOps objectives isn’t dependent upon instituting a cloud platform.

Many organizations still have traditional environments that are strictly on premise and integrated with traditional infrastructure. These organizations can also achieve DevOps objectives and promote both developer flexibility and innovation, as well as operational consistency and reliability.

Learn how you can achieve DevOps objectives in a traditional environment. The topics in this webinar include:

  • An overview of configuration management and DevOps in a traditional environment.
  • The developer pipeline for continuous integration.
  • Challenges for achieving continuous delivery and DevOps.
  • A real world example of how DevOps was successfully employed in a traditional environment.


Thomas Qvarnstrom, JBoss technology evangelist, Red Hat

Thomas Qvarnstrom is responsible for promoting the technical aspects of Red Hat® JBoss® Middleware, focusing on Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and Red Hat JBoss Data Grid. He has been working in software development since 1998, for many different enterprises in various roles, such as developer, architect, and CTO.

Siamak Sadeghianfar, solution architect, Red Hat

Siamak Sadeghianfar is a solution architect at Red Hat and works with customers across the Nordics region to adopt open source and Red Hat technologies. He has extensive middleware experience and knowledge and previously worked as senior consultant in the Red Hat services organization.

Date: August 14, 2014

Time: 11 am ET

Length: 01:00

Audience: Technical