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21 de Julio de 2016

Infrastructure-as-code: The new world order

Infrastructure-as-code is becoming the 'the new world order” for operational teams looking for consistent provisioning and promotions across environments.

19 de Julio de 2016

Migrate to a scalable and secure MBaaS platform

While open standards provide the flexibility, cost savings, and responsiveness to meet today’s market needs, open standard technologies alone don’t expose the level of scalability, control, and security mandated by enterprise IT departments.

12 de Julio de 2016

What’s new in Red Hat Ceph Storage 2

What if you could manage all your storage needs in one highly scalable, distributed, and open platform? Now with Red Hat® Ceph Storage 2 and our new Red Hat Storage Console 2, you can.

12 de Julio de 2016
London, UK

Red Hat Tech Talks: Summit Round-up

Join us for the UKI Tech Talk series. These short succinct events, organised around the working day, are your opportunity to take a deep dive into new and emerging technologies, discuss the latest technology trends, and network with your community peers.

7 de Julio de 2016

Managing your hybrid cloud infrastructure

Managing hybrid cloud environments is challenging. There's a lot you want to do: self-service provisioning; creating service catalogs; continuously monitoring and optimizing infrastructure resources and workloads; reporting for governance and compliance;

7 de Julio de 2016

Best practices when deploying vCPE with NFV

This webinar starts with the vCPE discussion and will lay out various deployment models for thick and thin CPE and then discuss vCPE architectures in depth.


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