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Setup and use Cloud Connector to integrate Insights with Satellite 6.7

Acerca de este vídeo

This video shows how to setup and use the new Cloud Connector, part of Red Hat® Smart Management subscriptions. Cloud Connector is used to integrate Red Hat Insights with Red Hat Satellite 6.7 infrastructure and enables remediation of any issues that Insights finds directly from the Insights console with the push of a button.

To augment the ability to take swift action on risks identified by Red Hat Insights, Cloud Connector was introduced in Red Hat Smart Management to provide direct integration between Red Hat Insights and on-premises Red Hat Satellite infrastructure. Users can put alerts from Insights into action through remediation of risks directly from the Red Hat Insights dashboard with the push of a button. To take advantage of Cloud Connector and the rest of these new features and enhancements, upgrade to the latest version of Red Hat Satellite.

Learn more: https://red.ht/insights_start

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Canal de vídeo
Tiempo de ejecución
14 de Julio de 2020