Software Defined Networking and More with Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform

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Containers are increasingly being used to create large platforms for distributed applications that can run in the cloud. One advantage of containers is they can run large, distributed applications with low overhead, because they share a container-optimized operating system (such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host). In order to function properly, container-based infrastructure solutions make use of software-defined networking functionality to connect distributed applications across the cloud.

The role of networking, as a part of the stack, is as critical for multi-container, multi-host applications as it is for other distributed applications. In this webcast, Red Hat principal software engineer Eric Paris provides you with a better understanding of the networking capabilities available with Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform public preview.

Watch this video to learn:

- Why software-defined networking (SDN) solutions are needed for container orchestration
- What container networking looks like
- What SDN capabilities are included with Atomic Enterprise Platform
- How to integrate with third party networking
- About Security and Network Isolation
- An overview of the Atomic Router

Learn more: https://access.redhat.com/products/red-hat-atomic-enterprise-platform

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15 de Marzo de 2016