OpenShift in a multi-datacenter environment at La Poste

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La Poste Courrier is the French postal service, with 138,000 employees including 73,000 postmen, and has to face the huge decline of its traditional "snail mail" business.

In this session, we'll share how we managed the deployment of new OpenShift Clusters in our new multi-datacenter architecture and how we manage the adoption of our PaaS, including a historical perspective:

- 2015: A PaaS solution based on OpenShift v3, which has become the strategic foundation for our Cloud Strategy and Digital Transformation program. We have now more than 50 apps (legacy + new) in production.

- 2017: Additional infrastructures capacities including a new private datacenter and a dedicated public Cloud infrastructure

- 2018: New applications to be deployed on OpenShift in one of our 3 datacenters using the same CI/CD, with container-native Red Hat Gluster Storage and Red Hat Ansible Tower.

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