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Why you’re going to FAIL running Java on docker

Acerca de este vídeo

Running Java on docker is easy, right? Just create a Dockerfile, run a Docker build, and then you’re ready to go. But thinking this way is the easiest path to complete FAILURE when running Docker containers in production.

A Java virtual machine (JVM) knows how to auto-tune itself to achieve the best possible performance in its environment, comprised of a single physical or virtual machine. But containers changes everything: you now need to know how containers manages their own resources and apply this knowledge when running and optimizing your JVM running in a container.

Attend this session about JVM and containers and avoid the highway to debugging hell. You’ll get simple tips & tricks that will save you hundreds of hours of debugging and logging container issues.

Learn more: https://agenda.summit.redhat.com

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8 de Mayo de 2018