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Digital Transformation is about embracing the idea that every business is evolving into a technology business in order to compete in the digital economy. This means organizations must shift their mindset from "IT as a cost center" to "IT as an engine of innovation." But implementing new technology is not enough - effective organizations prioritize the maturation of their people and processes to compete in the digital economy [1].


This idea is at the core of the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs initiative. We’ve built a place where customers learn how to optimize their product development and delivery processes for speed using principles from the Lean, Agile, DevOps & Design Thinking communities. An essential component of our approach is Domain Driven Design (DDD), a powerful and proven method for maturing an organization's people and process for delivering software solutions.


The trouble is Domain Driven Design has often been presented as an ivory tower approach to software delivery. This is why we are excited about Event Storming, an engaging workshop format for quickly exploring complex business domains. Using this exercise, a team can create a complete business flow in hours that is aligned with DDD implementation style. Red Hat’s Open Innovation Labs uses Event Storming as one of the techniques to accelerate development in a way that allows businesses to compete and respond to trends in a digital economy.


Want to learn more? Join us at Red Hat Summit on May 3 from 3:30-4:15pm ET in the Services Showcase for our session, “Accelerate application development with Event Storming and Open Innovation Labs”. We’ve built the session around audience participation and open collaboration, aligned with what we call Discovery Sessions. We hope to see you there!

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