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Hope you all got home safely after a great Red Hat Summit 2019 in Boston. AND was the theme, and it was all about scaling your technology and culture to meet the specific challenges you face – especially in the area of digital transformation for your business.   

One thing that we took away from all the presentations and demos was that hybrid cloud is the infrastructure of choice for enterprises today. We see that enterprises continue to invest in both private and public cloud options for improved operations and greater productivity. Hybrid cloud allows IT managers to control costs and increase security through optimized workload placement.

Even with all its benefits, hybrid cloud deployment is still a complex operation that requires a focus on interoperability and a number of processes to ensure services and applications work properly.

To meet these needs, Intel has created several reference architectures including Intel® Select Solutions for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform*. With the release of 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory, we are updating our hybrid cloud solutions that launched in April and take full advantage of the improved performance and features. And because performance is always a concern, be aware that Red Hat also recently announced that they were part of over 35 world record benchmarks as a result of our joint enablement efforts on 2ed generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

A broad portfolio built for optimized workloads

Intel, through our 20+ year partnership with Red Hat, offers a range of workload optimized configurations for hyper-converged infrastructure, hybrid cloud solutions, and Telco deployments including Intel Select Solutions for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform*, and Intel Select Solutions for NFVi v2 with Red Hat OpenStack Platform (OSP) Release 13.  All of these solutions either already include or are upgradeable with 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors. OEMs will be refreshing their designs in the coming months.

One theme we showcased at Red Hat Summit was Intel as an innovator. We highlighted both our work with partners on a hardened virtualization platform designed to address a full range of security concerns. It offers improved availability through more deterministic quality of service and protections from noisy neighbors, greater data confidentiality through VM encryption/isolation, and robust integrity with a chain of trust from boot through runtime.

Benefits of Intel Select Solutions

While we highlighted several of these Intel Select Solutions in our booth at Red Hat Summit you may not realize they are the result of deep engineering collaborations with the industry’s leading hardware original equipment manufacturers and independent software vendors, including Red Hat, with the goal of maximizing performance and removing much of the guesswork that can come with setting up new infrastructure. The new and updated workload-optimized solutions take advantage of 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, Optane DC Persistent Memory, Intel SSDs, Intel Ethernet, software and accelerators to help deliver all the generation over generation performance increases.

With Intel Select Solutions, IT managers can reap the benefits of hybrid cloud technology faster than integrating and validating their own configurations from scratch. These fast, easy, optimized solutions are tested with our ecosystem partners to provide enterprises with a rich suite of options for rapid deployment of new infrastructure with optimal performance.

Once again Red Hat Summit delivered incredible insights to help us all on our Digital Transformation journey. Intel is proud to be a key partner for Red Hat helping smooth that trip for our joint customers.

For more information, read about Red Hat and Intel's enterprise-level solutions.

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