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Organizations need to bring new services and products to market faster to stay competitive, but market trends show that for many reasons, enterprises will use a mix of bare-metal, virtualized and cloud-native applications for years to come.

Modern infrastructure and application platform resources, however, can now be exposed in a more accessible and consumable way. The days when every project required new hardware, cabling, provisioning, and manual installation of runtimes are a thing of the past. An end-to-end, deployment-ready solution can enable organizations to more easily build cloud-native applications, deploy them, and manage workloads across a hybrid cloud to help businesses modernize IT infrastructure without sacrificing existing investments. Enter Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hat’s enterprise-grade Linux container and Kubernetes-based application platform, helps developers more easily build, develop and deploy across nearly any public or private infrastructure, regardless of the application architecture. Red Hat OpenStack Platform combines the power of Red Hat Enterprise Linux with OpenStack technology to deliver a scalable, reliable and more secure infrastructure to build and manage an open private cloud. OpenStack provides the programmable infrastructure required for efficiently running, diverse, scalable workloads on premises. Together, these platforms automate the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) layers, which provide integrated consistency and improved data management capabilities through the IT stack.

For organizations looking to deploy Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Red Hat OpenStack Platform, we are launching a new Consulting offering that provides side-by-side mentoring to accelerate business agility using these technologies: Containers on Cloud.

With the help of this Containers on Cloud engagement, customers can more readily address the complexities associated with deploying containers on cloud platforms, enabling them to turn their focus to transforming organizational culture and delivering differentiated business innovation. The approach involves:

  • Discovery: Customers and Red Hat Consulting will jointly identify business drivers, key metrics, constraints and desired outcomes for a successful container cloud adoption.
  • Design: Through a series of architect-led workshop sessions, the team will define a minimum viable container cloud capability, including planned workloads for initial deployment.
  • Deployment: Working alongside Red Hat experts, customers will build an OpenStack environment optimized for OpenShift with proven architectural patterns. They’ll onboard an initial application to the platform, including containerization, promotion and release through an automated deployment pipeline, built on an elastic, open and containerized cloud foundation.
  • Enablement: Hands-on mentoring and on-demand training on cloud infrastructure and modern software delivery practices will help empower teams to operationalize Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on the new infrastructure and deliver a production OpenShift environment running on Red Hat OpenStack Platform.
  • Iteration: Along with Red Hat Consulting, customers will review outcomes and identify potential future actions to further optimize operational capabilities; extend the cloud-native application portfolio; extend workloads into hybrid cloud environments; and transform delivery processes through Red Hat Open Innovation Labs.

Throughout the engagement, customers will also evolve capabilities using:

  • Red Hat Learning Subscription which provides on-demand access to a broad catalog of self-paced Red Hat online training resources in a single, annual subscription to initially prepare IT teams to understand container and cloud platforms. The Red Hat Learning Subscription also offers customers more in-depth learning on specific use cases as they work alongside Red Hat Consulting to develop and operationalize an integrated, container-native cloud platform.
  • Red Hat Consulting will help to align teams and streamline processes so that enterprise systems and applications can work together more efficiently using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat OpenStack Platform and proprietary technologies. Red Hat Consulting teams have direct lines of communication into the Red Hat support and product development organizations, and maintain a deep expertise on both open source and proprietary systems and application platforms in the market, providing customers with a more complete view of their enterprises. Red Hat Consulting employs a mentoring-based approach, which provides the right knowledge transfer to jumpstart a client’s implementation.

Whether you’re still in the discovery phase or have a hybrid cloud deployment underway, Red Hat is here to support you. For more information on the benefits of deploying Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Red Hat OpenStack Platform, check out our latest post on the Red Hat Stack blog. To learn more about the Containers on Cloud consulting offering and other resources, visit Red Hat Consulting to request a Discovery Session, and connect with the team at Red Hat Summit during “The Journey to Cloud Infrastructure Adoption” Discovery Session on Wednesday, May 9 in the Customer Success Zone.

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