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We spent a lot of time discussing security at Red Hat Summit, but we understand that for those of us working inside the beltway, it might be difficult to attend the event to learn more about open source software and its place in government agencies.


That's why we're bringing those conversations to you – with Red Hat's Defense in Depth 2015 event.


Defense in Depth 2015 will give Washington, D.C., IT professionals the opportunity to learn from and interact with Red Hat Security Engineering experts. You'll learn about how Red Hat's products, and open source technologies in general, can help you meet your growing agility and security needs. It will also serve as a forum for Red Hat product managers and solution architects to learn more about those needs, and consider them in future product roadmaps. And, of course, this event will be a great networking opportunity.


Event workshop topics and speakers will include:

  • Open Sourced: NSA System Integrity Management Platform (SIMP): Trevor Vaughan, NSA's Lead SIMP Engineer

  • C2S Meets DevOps: Building an OpenShift-based PaaS platform on C2S for the U.S. Intelligence Community: Jason Callaway, Sr. Architect, Intelligence Programs, Red Hat

  • Lockheed Martin & the Centralized Super Computing Facility (CSCF): Joe Swartz, Chief Scientist, CSCF

  • Dave Sirrine, Senior Technical Account Manager, Red Hat

  • Steve Grubb, Linux Audit Subsystem Maintainer, Red Hat

  • Ted Brunell, Principal OpenStack Architect, Red Hat

  • Shawn Wells, Solutions Architect, North American Public Sector, Red Hat


Along with the workshops, there will be a lunchtime panel that will focus on security in DevOps. Panelists include:

  • Moderator: David Egts, Chief Technologist, North American Public Sector, Red Hat

  • Josh Bressers, Security Strategist, Red Hat

  • Trevor Quinn, PaaS and DevOps Practice Lead, Red Hat Consulting

  • Bob St. Clair, DoD Solutions Architect Manager, Red Hat

  • Dan Walsh, Mr. SELinux, Red Hat


Outside of Red Hat Summit, Defense in Depth 2015 will be the place to learn about Red Hat's entire product portfolio and its impact on the public sector. Products and topics that will be covered include cloud and virtualization solutions, such as OpenStack, CloudForms, and Red Hat Satellite; Linux containers; new solutions like Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host; and more. There'll also be labs so you can gain hands-on experience with Red Hat solutions.


Defense in Depth 2015 will be held September 1, 2015, at the Tyson's Corner Marriott. Click here to register today and reserve your spot.

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