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Monster How welcoming is the Open Source community? And I’m talking about Linux specifically. I would like to tell you a little bit about my experiences in last year or so. I already touched on this topic at the end of my previous post, but I would like to fully explain the problem and hopefully spark some hope. I will be saying “you” a lot, but I may not mean you. Don’t take it personally please.

I’m a former game programmer, obviously closed-source industry. I’m also a .NET Engineer (yes that is my job title at Red Hat). I work on C# stuff in Linux, I work on the Open Source .NET Core.

I do everything at 110%, so working for Red Hat automatically meant that I had to jump on the Fedora train as well. I was really happy, I felt welcome there, I felt that my contribution meant something. However, now I realize that I was a little bit lucky to attract the right people, I was quickly surrounded by awesome Fedora contributors and open minded Red Hatters at work. Everyone accepted me, when I mentioned that I work with C# and .NET and whatever, they were curious about the topic and I would like to believe that genuinely. “.NET on Linux? So cool...“

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Image courtesy of Gerd Altmann, under CC0 1.0 license.

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