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December brings a new major release of Foreman, the systems management tool incorporating provisioning and config management support, with a range of new features and fixes.

Smart class matchers are used to supply data dynamically to Puppet depending on attributes of a host or facts, and these now have better control over default values and the ability to merge hashes and arrays across matchers.

Advanced networking support is being introduced with support for specifying bonds, VLANs, and aliased interfaces on a host; importing the data from facts; and using that information in provisioning templates and in Puppet.

Our plugin community continues to grow, with exciting new features being introduced outside of the Foreman release cycle:

  • Salt configuration management integration: The popular SaltStack tools are integrated via a pair of new plugins, providing an alternative to Puppet. Learn more by watching the Foreman deep dive video or by visiting the project website.

  • DigitalOcean compute resources: The foreman_digitalocean plugin lets you create and manage droplets on the DigitalOcean cloud from Foreman.

  • Docker container support: The foreman_docker plugin allows provisioning and management of containers and images, including support to view logs and processes in running containers.

Learn more about Foreman 1.7:

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