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ITPro Today - Red Hat Earnings Foretell Good Times for Open Source Businesses

Last year was something of a grand slam for Red Hat. In Monday night's earnings call, the company said it had again beat Wall Street's expectations, with total revenue for fiscal year 2018's fourth quarter at $772 million and yearly earnings of $2.9 billion. That's not only good for Red Hat, but it's also good for everyone who works in IT. And because the company is exclusively an open source player, it's especially a positive sign for all open source businesses.


CNBC - Red Hat CEO: Open source software defines us

Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat CEO, provides insight to its next generation of cloud technology and what makes the company unique from other competitors. Our approach is radically different, says Whitehurst. Watch the interview.


Red Hat - Thank you for 25 years

This year, Red Hat turns 25. And to celebrate, we're taking a look back at the last two and a half decades of tech milestones. Things sure have changed since 1993—see just how much.


Command Line Heroes - Episode 7: Days of Future_Open

Imagine a world where open source never caught on, where no one thought it'd be a good idea to make source code available to anyone. In this episode, we imagine this bizarre possibility. And we celebrate the open source tools and methodologies that got us where we are today. Join us as we wrap up Season 1, an almost 30,000-foot view of how the open source world came to be.


The New Stack - Train the Next Wave of Innovators with Engineering Residency Programs

The innovation labs and residency concepts were created to fulfill an untapped need. Developers understand the benefits associated with agile development methods and open source software—faster time to market, lower costs and so forth—but many do not know how to employ those practices, or understand the nuances of the tools at their disposal. Labs and residencies introduce developers to these methods and solutions in highly collaborative environments that allow them to learn from experts and each other. They can ask questions, brainstorm ideas, share concepts and troubleshoot. It's an innovative concept that is helping developers actually innovate.

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