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We are pleased to announce the general availability of Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 6.5, the next version of our high performance in-memory data store, which introduces new capabilities and feature enhancements around overall product performance, remote data cache deployments, and deeper integration with other products in our middleware portfolio. In addition, version 6.5 adds support for the JCache caching API, JSR-107, in both Library mode and Client-Server mode.

Data grid technologies have increased in popularity over the last several years as a way of complementing traditional relational databases with faster in-memory data stores. By storing frequently accessed data in a data grid, applications with greater performance demands are able to achieve the speed and scale they need to meet business demands and SLAs.

One of the areas we focused on strengthening in this release is the ability to deploy JBoss Data Grid as a remote data cache. The primary advantage of this is that data can be managed and scaled independently from the application. In scenarios where the volume of data is expected to change significantly, or exceed what is required to run the application, the flexibility and elastic scalability that can be achieved through remote data caching can improve application performance and efficiency.

Building on the remote cache support, we introduced near caching and remote events and notification capabilities in JBoss Data Grid 6.5. This helps the client application to not only retrieve frequently accessed information faster—thanks to the ability to configure near caching for remote data—but also gives it the ability to react to changes that other applications make to the data in the remote grid. As a result of having a greater awareness of the status of data in the remote cache, applications no longer need to check whether or not the data has changed, and therefore are able to respond faster. In addition, the .NET Hot Rod client is now fully supported in JBoss Data Grid, and we've added support for the deployment of custom cache stores on the data grid server.

Finally, we have deepened the integration of JBoss Data Grid with other technologies in the Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio. In JBoss Data Grid 6.4, we introduced full support for integration with Red Hat JBoss Fuse, our data and services integration technology, to help mitigate the business risks associated with forcing application services to match the slow speed of a traditional database. We've built on that with JBoss Data Grid 6.5, enabling JBoss Fuse to respond to data updates in remote caches, and perform queries for information stored in the grid. Version 6.5 is now supported as a shared, in-memory index (Infinispan Directory) for Hibernate Search (Lucene) queries on a relational database. The Infinispan Directory integration has been tested with the version of Hibernate Search that is included in Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) 6.4.

JBoss Data Grid is available for download by members of the JBoss Developer community. Current customers can get the latest update from the Red Hat Customer Portal.

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