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Today we’re excited to announce the availability of new training and consulting services including the first Linux virtualization course of its kind to be offered. Our new training and services will pave a smooth path for our customers to gain cost savings and flexibility.

RH184 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtualization is a new two-day training course providing the domain expertise needed to install, configure and manage virtual hosts on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. It’s the first course dedicated to virtualization technology in the Linux training market and will prepare customers to maximize performance, cost savings and operational efficiency enabled by Red Hat Enterprise Linux integrated virtualization capabilities. If you’re a Red Hat certified professional or experienced Linux system administrator planning a move to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform, this course is a perfect fit for you. Our new course joins Red Hat‘s growing list of more than 30 different training courses and will be available to system administrators with a base Unix or Linux knowledge. Like all Red Hat training courses, it’s taught exclusively on live production systems. Prerequisites for the course include a Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT) certification or equivalent knowledge.

Today we’re also announcing the Red Hat Virtualization Assessment - a 4-5 day, fixed price engagement that analyzes your IT infrastructure. It also delivers recommendations on how virtualization can increase your quality of service and decrease your total cost of ownership. The Virtualization Assessment analyzes factors like server utilization, server consolidation, application failover, application isolation, memory, network, storage, security and more. It’s low-cost, short-duration service gives you a roadmap detailing implementation costs and explores how the different aspects of virtualization can reduce your total cost of ownership - this enables you to make an informed decision on how to proceed. Click here to see the Virtualization Assessment data sheet.

Virtualization technology delivers a quantum step in IT operational flexibility, speed of deployment and application performance and availability. It allows IT managers to deliver more to their customers, while gaining control of their costs. And new and exciting uses for virtualized environments are being developed every day. With Red Hat virtualization, processing and data resources including servers and storage, are logically grouped into a single resource pool. Virtual servers and storage can then be dynamically allocated, in just a few seconds, as business demands dictate. After completion of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtualization course, attendees will be able to successfully deploy all of the technologies included in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform 5 products.

Red Hat is the world’s largest vendor of open source training and certification by revenue, by number of certified professionals, by courses available and by locations served. Since our start in 1999, Red Hat Training and Certification has taught more than 250,000 customers in hundreds of locations across the globe. We currently have about 27,500 Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCE), about 18,500 Red Hat Certified Technicians (RHCT) and about 46,000 Red Hat certified professionals around the world.

RH184 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtualization is available North America and will soon be at Red Hat locations globally. For more information, visit here.

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